37% Of People Want Governments to Legalize Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more famous than ever. Investors are investing more in these digital currencies these days. Also, the interests of the people are increasing toward making crypto adoption a legal contract.

Many users are wishing that Bitcoin goes through legalization under government laws. If you are new to bitcoin you can trade crypto in a reliable trading platform.

On the conduction of a survey by The Economist, it was revealed that there is a high level of support for Cryptocurrency. The main aim of this survey was to find out the number of users or people in general, who want a legal system for Cryptocurrencies.

Governments to Legalize Bitcoin

The respondents of this survey were around 3000 and the result revealed that around 37% of them supported this idea. It means that they want their governments to make Bitcoin legal along with all other digital currencies.

There are other aspects of this survey as well. This is the support of the people for CBDC. The result for this is 37% as well. This portion of respondents wants support from their governments in releasing this financial commodity.

Another major aim of this survey was to discover whether other nations are interested to follow the footsteps of EI Salvador in initiating the process of Cryptocurrency legalization.

Everything About The Results Of This Survey

To find out about the support of the people in the factor of Crypto legalization, a survey was initiated by The Economist. The survey includes 3000 respondents, hailing from both, developing and developed nations.

The developed nations on the list are Australia, South Korea, the UK, and the USA. The developing nations are South Africa, Vietnam, the Philippines, Brazil, and Turkey. The major goal was to find out the opinions of these residents about the field of Cryptocurrency.

On completing the survey, it was found that 37% of the respondents believe that their governments should make Cryptocurrency legal. They are also showing their support for the completion of such a move.

43% of the people included in this survey were either with this move or against it. Around 18% of these residents are against it. Another aspect of this survey is the support of the people for CBDC.

The result of this is the same as that of Crypto legalization.  37%  of the participants wanted the release of this product. They are of the view that this will help in expanding the adoption of Cryptocurrency. But, around 19% of these people think it will be a big mistake.

A fraction of these respondents were asked to forward their opinions or views on NFTs. In this, about 60% have interests in holding, selling, or even buying NFTs. Also, around 7% of them are against it. They do not want to hold or sell NFTs.

Another survey on Decentralized Finance is being carried out along with this topic as well.

In this survey, around 34% were supporting the DeFi contracts by saying that they may carry out all their transactions in its apps, be it personal or professional. But, around 17% do not want to be involved in the sector as a whole.

In the case of digital settlements, 13% of them are using it from the time being. Also, 18% of them are holding hopes that they will experience a complete cashless facility in the coming years.

What Do Americans Want?

Another round of surveys carried out by YouGov reveals that Americans are in favor of legalizing Bitcoin. The residents are hoping that the government will adopt it as a legal tender soon.

The residents of the West are thinking that it should be a potential law of the future. But, when the residents of the Midwest are asked for their opinion, they are against it. The youths are quite optimistic about this plan and are looking forward to it.


The matter is not surprising that people want their governments to legalize Cryptocurrencies. The legalization of digital currencies is receiving huge support from people all over the world.

After EI Salvador’s initiation of making digital currencies legal, other countries are also thinking about the process. Over time, many countries may adopt this system. The countries are still going through many processes to adopt digital currencies in a legal manner.

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