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5 Cool Uses for Your Old Android Phone

Uses for Your Old Android Phone

If you have an old Android phone stored away in your junk drawer or gathering dust on your bedroom shelf, why not find an alternative way to use it? Although you may think you have no use for your old phone, now that you have a newer model, we have come up with five fantastic uses for your old Android device. Take a look and see what you think.

Cool Uses for Your Old Android Phone

Transform your old Android phone into a dedicated MP3 player and save the battery of your new smart phone.

1. MP3 Player :-

You may enjoy listening to music on your phone during your commute to college or work, but have you ever thought about how much battery life it wastes? What if this was your last bit of battery that you really should have saved in case of an emergency? Instead of leaving this to chance, use your old Android phone as a dedicated MP3 player instead. It will have plenty of storage room for all of your music, seeing as you do not actually use it for anything else. It also won’t contain a sim card, so if you are listening to music whilst you work, you won’t get distracted by phone calls or text messages.

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2. Remote control :-

You can transform your old Android phone into a fully functional remote control by simply downloading an app. There are plenty of free applications on the Android Marketplace to choose from. You may want to transform your Android phone into a television remote, computer control or even a remote for your DSLR camera. Whatever you choose, it is sure to make your life a little easier and prevent you from having to forever change the batteries in your individual remote controls.


Rather than using a number of remotes to control your various devices, why not use your old Android phone instead?

3. Sat nav :-

If you have been deciding whether or not you can justify the expense of a sat nav, why not use your old Android phone instead? By simply downloading a free application like Navfree, you will be able to benefit from having an offline sat nav that does not require a data connection. Fix your old device inside your car and you will never have to worry about getting lost when you are out and about. The fact that it will only be working as a sat nav means that it won’t be affected by phone calls or emails.

4. Baby monitor :-

Many new parents like to keep an eye on their babies, even when they are not in the same room by using an IP camera and monitor. The problem is that the monitors can often be quite expensive, so why not use your old Android phone instead? There are a number of excellent applications which you can download on your phone so that you can connect it up to your IP camera. Alternatively, if you do not have a baby, you could always use your phone as a monitor for any security cameras you have in your home.

5. Digital photo frame :-

Although digital photographs are fantastic, in order to display them in your home you have to purchase a digital photo frame. At least you would have to, if you don’t already own an old Android phone. You see, your old Android phone can actually be transformed into a digital photo frame using the slideshow option on your device. Simply purchase a dock to display your phone and place it on the mantelpiece in your living room. Alternatively you could transform your Android phone into a digital alarm clock by purchasing a dock and setting it up on your bedside table.

Conclusion :-

Just because you have bought a new phone, doesn’t mean you have to forget about your old one. Rather than leaving your phone in a cupboard to get dusty, or sending it off to a recycling company, why not reutilise it yourself? Give your phone a brand new purpose and you can save yourself a lot of money!

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