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Avi Ben Ezra Explains How Quiz Chatbots Work

“Making use of all available opportunities in AI and chatbots, has led to the development of a really impressive quiz chatbot”,says Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of SnatchBot which is a leading chatbot platform and marketplace where companies and chatbot developers meet to drive next-level innovation.

How Quiz Chatbots Work


Inferring from a written guide by Ben Ezra, we were able to extract the following really useful information on quiz chatbots.

It is always the more innovative businesses who are finding more and better ways to expand. There are so many technologies available today which can give innovative businesses a substantial advantage. You might already have a chatbot integrated into your Facebook messenger.

Just think of the benefits if you can find a way to grow your Facebook chatbot list. Making use of a quiz chatbot can help you to grow your chatbot list very quickly. There are many other strategies which can be used to expand your messenger list.

Messaging platforms is a lot more efficient than making use of email. Statistics show that the average email open rate is just over 20%. Almost 80% of people will never discover what your business has to offer. Making use of quiz chatbots can change all of this.

There are people who have managed an open rate of almost 90% as well as a click-through rate of 56%. This has proven emphatically that those people who spend a lot of time on expanding their chatbot list will end up having a valuable list of subscribers.

This will also be people who are most likely to commit. This certainly does not mean that you should neglect your email processes. However, because of its efficiency, your primary focus should be on your chatbot list.

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1] What is making quizzes so special?

Statistics show that the majority of people enjoy the occasional quiz. It is especially those fun quizzes which are favored. This is why making use of quizzes by combining them with a sophisticated chatbot platform can provide you with very interesting results.

In this way, it may be quite possible to quickly put together an extensive list of active subscribers. Chatbots have already proven themselves on so many levels. There are many chatbot tools which can provide you with interesting benefits.

Even so,chatbots may not have the functionality to accomplish all of the things which is possible when using a native quiz app. Even though they are extremely sophisticated, things such as multiple-choice questions might cause a problem.

This is simply something which chatbot software cannot handle at this point. Fortunately, there are many excellent quiz platforms. One of those available quiz platforms is known as Interact.

Every business will have their own objectives, needs and resources and all of these have to be managed in a balanced way. Making use of a chatbot tool for quizzes can help the business to quickly expand their available chatbot list.

2] How to proceed?

The important thing will be to ensure that your business has a very interesting quiz. Many options are available when using Interact. Integrating your chatbot with your quiz can provide you with a very effective way of communicating with your target audience.

Interact is a powerful tool which provides you with many different ways to quickly expand your messenger list. When you approach your chatbot quiz correctly this can help to funnel the people taking part in your quiz giving your chatbot the opportunity to collect valuable data.

This can lead to a sharp increase in the number of new subscribers. Many things are possible when making use of a chatbot quiz. As soon as people have completed your quiz they should be encouraged to provide an email address before they are shown the results of that quiz in which they have partaken.

When people have spent a couple of minutes doing your quiz they are very likely to be curious about how they have done. A high percentage of these people will therefore not have a problem to provide their email address. This is a very effective way to generate valuable leads.

3] Let them interact with your chatbot

When people have completed your quiz do not send them to a results page on a website it is better to let them interact directly with your chatbot. There are other options available such as making use of tools such as Many Chat.

This can provide you with the option of adding them to your chatbot list by making use of a link. You can also use the option of sending them to a Many Chat landing page. This can provide them with the answers to the quiz and they will also have the opportunity to join your chatbot quiz program at the same time.

This is a simple way of recruiting a new subscriber for your email list. You will also have a new subscriber on your chatbot program. The process was made simple for the consumer and they are added to your list quickly and easily.

Every time someone completes your quiz and are directed to the results place there will always be an opportunity to ask them to join your chatbot program on the results page. One of the most effective ways to get people to sign up for your chatbot will be to provide them with something of value. They should always feel that they are getting something out of the deal.

4] Some innovative ideas

People are interested in many different things. Some are interested in racing cars while others are interested in movies or outdoor adventures. Therefore, if you have a knowledge quiz which has been titled how much do you know about rising cars there is a strong likelihood that many people will become interested.

You can then have a quiz with 20 questions which deals with this topic. How those people will actually do in your quiz is irrelevant. Whether they pass or fail they are still taken to the results page. On the results page, you can then reveal to them how they have done during your quiz.

You can ask those participants to join your secret racing car society. This can be done by asking participants to click on the link which will provide them with access to your society. This will make them part of your chatbot program. Do not let those participants escape who have not done well with your quiz.

You can invite them to learn more about the subject by downloading your free e-book. Once again you can request that they click on the download link where they will have to enter their email address in order to be able to receive the e-book.

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