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Top 10 Most Popular Refrigerator Brands In India

A refrigerator is an essential part of every household. We certainly cannot imagine one without this home appliance. We all look for a refrigerator that has all the advance features to keep our food fresh and its nutrients intact. Moreover, it should demand low maintenance. Many popular brands sell high quality refrigerators in India.

Best Refrigerator Brands In India for 2022

Best Refrigerator Brands In India

Here is a look at the 10 most popular refrigerator brands in India.


LG is undoubtedly one of the most popular refrigerator brands in India. The company offers wide range of refrigerators. These are available in different sizes and come with distinct features. The brand sells single door as well as double door refrigerators. It also offers side by side refrigerators.

LG Refrigerator

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Their refrigerators come with many features such as adjustable shelves, deodorizer and moisture control. Many of their models have separate compartments for fruits and vegetables. These are built to ensure maximum storage. They keep the food fresh while preserving all their nutrients. Refrigerators by the brand are durable too.


Whirlpool is an American company. It came into being in 1911. It manufactures and markets high quality home appliances. The company has been doing great business in India since decades. It has managed to establish goodwill in the Indian market masses.

The refrigerators by this brand are known for their beautiful and robust exteriors and hi tech interiors. These refrigerators are also popular because of their usability factor. Many of its models come with IntelliSense technology.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

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They also have AI microprocessors. Advance refrigerator models by Whirlpool optimise temperature depending on the food items stored. The outside temperature is also taken into consideration while doing the same.


Samsung is a trusted Indian brand. The brand is successfully selling various consumer electronic goods in the Indian market since years. It manufactures variety of refrigerator models. They come in various sizes and have different features to match the needs of different customers.

Samsung refrigerators offer enough storage space. The brand makes optimal use of the available space by placing the shelves and trays strategically. The refrigerators have advance features such as temperature control for freezer as well as fridge.

Samsung Refrigerator

They also have other amazing features such as adjustable shelves and bottle racks. Besides, many of the brand’s models have digital inverter technology and recess handle.


Bosch is a well known German multinational company. It has successfully been selling electronic products in various parts of the world. It offers an array of electronic goods and high quality home appliances. Bosch refrigerators have become quite popular in India.

The brand has gained popularity owing to its high quality products. Its refrigerators boast of appealing exteriors and come with advance features. It offers many refrigerator models. These are mainly known for their adjustable shelves.

Bosch refrigerator

You can adjust the same with ease to make space for different food items in your refrigerators. It also offers all round circulation of air in the fridge as well as freezer. This keeps the food fresh for days. Moreover, Bosch refrigerators are energy efficient too.


Godrej is India’s very own brand. It came into being in 1897. The company has its headquarters in Mumbai. The Godrej Group deals in different sectors. It manufactures various kinds of consumer products. Godrej refrigerators were a part of almost every household until around two decades back.

The brand is still quite popular in the Indian market. They offer a wide range of affordable refrigerators. They come with advance technology and numerous features. Their refrigerators are energy efficient. Moreover, they have thick insulation and minimal cooling loss.

Godrej Refrigerator

These are known for their sturdy exteriors as well as robust interiors. The shelves are made of roughened glass. So, they can bear heavy weight. They have other features such as deep bottom chiller tray and minimal cooling loss.


Electrolux came into being in 1919. This makes it a hundred year old company. It has been doing great business since decades. The company has its headquarters in Stockholm. It operates in various parts of the world including India. It sells various consumer electronic goods including refrigerators.

Electrolux Refrigerators

The Swedish brand has made a place of its own in the Indian market. Its refrigerators boast of innovative technology and appealing exteriors. Many of its models have advance intense and intelligent cooling technology. The brand’s newest offering is its triple door refrigerators. They come with temp drawer where you can select the food item’s temperature.


Videocon is manufacturing and selling refrigerators in India since years. Its refrigerators are among the most trusted refrigerators in the Indian market. They boast of high quality and durability. The brand offers different models of refrigerators.

Videocon Refrigerator

You will find a wide variety of single door as well as multi-door refrigerator models by the brand. These are available in different colours and sizes. Many of its models have customised glass shelves and LED light. They also offer efficient cooling system and air filter. The refrigerator settings are easily accessible. These can be operated with ease too.


Haier is a popular electronics brand. The demand for Haier refrigerators in India increased especially after the introduction of its bottom mount refrigerator. This also brought many of its other refrigerator models in limelight. Haier refrigerators are known for their innovative features and designs.

They have easy to glide drawers and adjustable humidity control. Their one-hour cool technology has particularly been appreciated. Moreover, these are available at a reasonable price.

Haier Refrigerator

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The company offers a great customer support system. So, any issue with the refrigerator can be resolved with ease.


Voltas is another popular consumer goods brand. It manufactures high quality electronic goods. The company offers wide range of refrigerators. Voltas Beko refrigerators are famous for their smart cooling technology.

Voltas Refrigerator

These are energy efficient. They keep the food fresh for long periods. Moreover, they have several extremely useful features. They neutralize bacteria and diminish bad odour.


Panasonic is a Japanese electronics manufacture. It manufactures various electronics items. This includes digital cameras, smart TV and refrigerators among others. It is one of the most popular refrigerator manufacturers in India.

Panasonic Refrigerator

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The company offers wide range of refrigerator models. They come with all the advanced features. They keep the food fresh and its nutrients intact. Furthermore, they come with attractive exteriors.

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