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Does Sitting on a Gaming Chair Make You A Better FPS Player?

We all have our personal sitting preference. While some in the gaming community practice good sitting posture, the majority of it don’t.

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In this article, we’ll talk about the risks of practicing bad sitting habits and how does proper sitting posture enhance both your health and general performance when playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games.

Why Is Proper Sitting Posture Important When Gaming?

Our body reacts depending on how we sit. Long-term health issues are likely to develop if you practice bad sitting habits. Specifically, our body’s breathing capability, reflex, mobility, and performance are put at risk.

Bad sitting posture also requires more effort to keep the body upright. If this goes on for hours, our body starts to show inefficiency in breathing and numbness in some parts of the lower extremities. Eventually, this then leads to poor reaction time and poor reflex due to the lack of oxygen circulating the body.

Soreness and pain also are two common effects of bad sitting habits that are also often overlooked. If this is left uncorrected and practiced long-term, common health issues such as Kyphosis (hunchback), chronic neck and back pans are likely to develop.

But all of these can be avoided by investing in an epic gaming chair. These are strategically-designed chairs to support the body and keep these health issues at bay. In fact, it even enhances the body to perform efficiently.

Gaming chairs are designed to support the body in long hours of gaming sessions. Composed of not just quality materials such as mesh and fiber, these also come with neck and lumbar support to eliminate neck and back pains.

How Does Sitting Help?

Proper sitting posture has positive effects on our bodies. But how well does this keep up in a gamer’s life, and during long-term gaming sessions at that? We’ll talk below the reasons why sitting on a gaming chair can make you a better FPS player.

1] Comfort

First Person Shooter (FPS) games like PUBG, CS:GO, Battlefield, and Overwatch are intense. Your muscles are always pressured to keep up with the growing heat in the game. They’re even more so if you’re sitting uncomfortably.

Being uncomfortable is a huge factor and a major distraction when playing FPS games. If you’re playing competitively, you don’t want to miss a shot.

However, playing video games while on a regular swivel or an office chair is not and may not be as comfortable as playing on a gaming chair. Well, they may be, at first, yes. But chances are still high that you’ll start to feel uncomfortable a few hours in of intense gaming sessions.

This is why professional FPS players like Shroud, ChocoTaco, superNayr, and popular FPS streamers like DrDisrespect, Ninja, Just9n, and Chad are using gaming chairs. It keeps their bodies supported, relaxed, and comfortable.

2] Flexibility

Gaming chairs come in a variety of size and weight capacity, unlike office chairs. There are gaming chairs specifically designed for gamers up to 200lbs and up to 450lbs. Aside from that, there are gaming chairs for short and tall gamers, too.

The variety of sizes ensure that everyone gets the most comfortable gaming chair according to their specific weight and height.

And unlike office chairs, the number of adjustments you can make in a gaming chair is stupendous. Sure, office chairs can be adjusted in a number of ways but gaming chairs offer even more.

Some gaming chairs can recline all the way to the back, even reaching up to 180 degrees. This allows the gamer to take a nap without having to leave the seat. Plus, the armrest and footrest open more flexible options to maximize comfort.

3] Proper Sitting Posture

Gaming chairs provide excellent body support, most notably, the neck and back. Aside from the accurately designed looks, gaming chairs also come with neck and lumbar pillows to support and promote a healthier sitting posture.

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With your back properly supported and neck tucked in, you won’t have to put in a lot of pressure to keep your body and head upright. Similarly, this means you can stay more focused in the game.

All these things mean a lot from a gamer’s perspective and are what really makes a huge impact in the game. Because even the slightest of pressure in your body is enough to render a missed shot.

By sitting properly, you remove all the negative elements that will put pressure in your body, improving accuracy and reaction time as a whole.

4] Improves Self-Esteem or Dopamine (Happy Hormones)

Gaming chairs are known to have fancy looks and intimidating designs. And needless to say, the design almost always gives a gamer the authority as a pro gamer or a streamer.

Streamers play games for hours on end on a daily basis and sitting comfortably on a gaming chair doesn’t just make them feel comfortable but this also makes them feel good about themselves.

And when you feel good and comfortable at the same time, your body produces the feel-good hormones or known as dopamine.


Feeling good about yourself as you sit comfortably with your neck, back, arms and legs supported are products of investing in a gaming chair.

All of these are small little things that, when summed up, mean a whole lot from a gamer’s perspective. Gaming chairs don’t just make you a better FPS player but it also promotes a healthier gaming lifestyle.

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