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File ITR Online | Income Tax Return Filling Process for Beginner (Guide)

An income tax return is a form that empowers a citizen to proclaim his income, costs, tax derivations, taxes, investment, and so on. The Income Tax Act, of 1961 makes it obligatory under different situations for a citizen to document an income tax return.

An income tax return is a form documented to report the yearly pay of a citizen. There might be different explanations behind documenting an income tax return form even without any pay.

File ITR Online

A citizen might need to record his income tax return for detailing his pay for a monetary year, convey forward losses, guarantee an annual duty discount, assert tax deductions, and so on.

The Income Tax Department gives the office to electronic documentation (e-recording) of an income tax return. Prior to talking about the means engaged with the e-filing of personal government form, it is fundamental for a citizen to save the archives for computation and detailing information in ITR.

Calculation of Income and Tax

The citizen will be expected to compute his/her pay according to the income tax return regulation provisions appropriate to him/her.

The computation ought to consider pay from all sources like compensation, outsourcing, and interest pay. The citizen can guarantee the derivations, for example, charge saving ventures under area 80C, etc.

Likewise, a citizen ought to assume into account praise for TDS, TCS, or any development charge paid by them.

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) Certificates and Form 26AS

The citizen ought to sum up his TDS sum from the TDS endorsements got by him for every one of the 4 quarters of the monetary year. There is another form called the 26AS that assists the citizen with the outline of the TDS and charge paid during the monetary year.

Select the right form for filing Income Tax

The citizen needs to discover the annual tax document/ITR Form appropriate for recording his income tax return form. Subsequent to determining the personal tax document, the citizen can continue with the recording of the annual expense form. There are 2 modes accessible for recording on the web and disconnected. The web-based mode from the login of the citizen is accessible just for ITR 1 and ITR 4; it isn’t accessible for types of different classes of individual citizens.

Download the ITR utility from Income Tax Portal

Visit the webpage and click on ‘Downloads’ from the top menu bar.

Pick the evaluation year and download the disconnected utility programming, for example, Microsoft Excel or Java, or JSON utility in view of your inclination. They succeed and java utility are ended by the annual duty office from AY 2020-21

Fill in your details in the Downloaded File

After you download the offline utility, fill in the significant subtleties of your pay, and check the duty payable or the discount receivable according to the estimations of the utility. The details of the annual duty challan can be filled in the downloaded structure.

Check the details entered

You can see a couple of buttons on the right-hand side of the downloaded structure. Click on the ‘Approve’ button to guarantee all the necessary data is filled.

Convert the document to XML Format

Upon effectively approving, click on the ‘Create XML’ button on the right-hand side of the document to change over the record into XML record design.

Upload the XML record on the Income Tax Portal

Presently, sign in to the personal duty e-documenting gateway and snap on the ‘e-File’ tab to choose the ‘Income Tax Return’ choice.

Given the required details, for example, PAN, appraisal year, ITR structure number, and the accommodation mode. Make sure to pick the choice ‘Transfer XML’ starting from the drop relating to the field name ‘Submission Mode’ as given in the picture underneath.

Presently, append the XML record from your PC and snap on the ‘Submit’ button.

Pick one of the accessible check modes — Aadhaar OTP, electronic confirmation code (EVC), or sending a signed copy of ITR-V to CPC, Bengaluru.


What is income tax?

Income tax is an immediate expense on your pay. It implies a part of your pay is paid to the government. The public authority charges this sum for expenses connected with wellbeing, training, giving sponsorship to agribusiness, foundation, and so on. It is paid by an individual/HUF/any citizen relying upon pay levels or gains in a monetary year. An organization needs to pay personal duty independent of the degree of pay. The government passes regulations endorsing the pace of tax assessment on your pay now and again.

Why is it important to file an income tax return?

Income tax return department has commanded to document the re-visitation of people just on the off chance that their pay is above fundamental exception limit or on the other hand assuming they meet specific models like use on unfamiliar travel being more than Rs 2 lakh and power utilization of Rs 1 lakh or more, Deposited a sum/total of a sum above Rs 1 crore in at least one current records in FY 2019-20 or onwards.

On account of an inhabitant whose resource is situated external India or has marking expert for a record based external India. It is generally really smart to document your ITR regardless of whether you are not qualified because of the advantages.

  • Recording of ITR makes a substantial verification of pay,
  • ITR is expected for applying for any future loan
  • ITR is expected by banks in any event, for applying for Visas
  • ITR is expected for VISA applications and so on.
  • Subsequently, it is prudent to record ITR regardless of whether your pay is beneath the fundamental exclusion limit.

How to save on annual expenses?

There are numerous ways of saving personal tax through legitimate tax planning. Annual expense Act gives specific allowances and exclusions that can be asserted which will diminish your complete available pay and lessen the outflow of taxes. The following are the absolute most normal allowances and exceptions:

  • Allowance up to Rs 1.5 lakh under 80C – Investment in charge saving choices like 80 C-putting resources into ELSS, LIC, shared reserves, derivation for educational expenses for youngsters, allowance for the chief measure of home advance, and so on
  • Extra derivation of Rs 50,000 above Rs 1.5 lakh in 80 CCC (1b) for commitment towards National benefits plans of the focal government.
  • 80D permits derivation of clinical insurance installment paid for self, life partner, kids (Rs 25000/50,000 ), and subordinate guardians ( rs 25000/50,000)
  • 80G permits allowance for gifts made to perceived organizations and trusts as far as possible.
  • House lease recompense exception permitted somewhat or completely under 10 (13A)
  • Derivation for advanced education credit under 80E
  • Derivation for home credit paid under segment 24 up to 2 lakhs for self-involved and full sum whenever leased property

How to Pay Income Tax Online?

You need to pay your expenses prior to documenting your government form. In the event that you are a salaried individual, the vast majority of your expense responsibility is deducted from your compensation by your boss as TDS and paid to the public authority for your sake. In the event that you are responsible to settle advance duty, then you need to pay 90% of it before the 31st of March each monetary year. You can record your ITR once the monetary year closes.

The window to document ITR is by and large open till the 31st of July of the important evaluation year. Nonetheless, the due date to document ITR might get broadened, and the IT division will inform similar through notices. Recording your ITR inside the due date is dependably prudent. It’s beneficial to take note that you draw in a late recording expense of Rs 5,000 on neglecting to document ITR inside the due date of the evaluation year.

Step-by-step instructions to get the annual expense form copy online

  • Sign on to with accreditations
  • Click on View Returns/Forms
  • Determination a choice as “Income tax returns” and significant appraisal year and tap on submit
  • A window showing a rundown of ITR documented will open.
  • Click on the ITR-V affirmation number you need to download
  • ITR V PDF document will open which can be downloaded.

How to record an income tax return on the web?

You can document your ITR return online either through the personal duty e-recording gateway or through ClearTax. On the off chance that you wish to record the return through the public authority entryway, you need to document it utilizing the “disconnected” mode or the “on the web” mode.

  • In the offline mode, you can sign on to and download the succeed or java utilities of relevant ITR structure from the tab download > ITR return readiness programming. A ZIP record will get downloaded. Kindly concentrate on the ZIP record and fill every one of the applicable fields in the utility. Make sure to approve every one of the sheets and tap on ascertain charge. Then, at that point, create and save the XML utility. The succeed/Java utility is fit to be transferred to the portal for e-filing. Complete the confirmation of return among six choices accessible and afterward present the structure.
  • To record ITR through offline mode, sign on to the e-filing portal utilizing PAN, and password, and enter the captcha code. Go to the “e-record” tab and open the “income tax return” link starting from the drop-down menu. Fill in the applicable details and select “get ready and submit on the web” as the submission mode. Fill in the details in the ITR form opened on the web. Click on “save as draft” to save the filled return on the web. Confirm the return utilizing Aadhaar OTP/EVC/or sending an actual copy at CPC. At long last present the return.
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