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How Can Mobile Based CMMS Help Your Business?

We live in a world that is ruled by technology, from banking to entertainment, everything today is managed through a single hand-held device, called the mobile phone. Well! in such a fast-paced digital world, businesses too need to cross all cultural and technological barriers, to manage their operations effectively.

Mobile CMMS Software

One such effective solution is the Mobile based CMMS interface, which has been quite popular amongst many large and small enterprises due to its real-time visibility into the state of operations and assets.

What makes the mobile based CMMS interface friendlier is the cost at which devices are available today. Practically speaking, it’s easier managing things on mobile than on a computer.

Moreover, today almost every organisation has built their own mobile interface that is customised as per their business requirements. Indeed, there is a huge untapped opportunity that can be unleased with the help of a Mobile based maintenance software.

So, let’s see how can a Mobile Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software can help organisations, manage things better.

1] Real Time Visibility

With the mobile maintenance system, now maintenance managers can monitor the status of their operations in real-time, that too from anywhere and anytime.

2] Reduces Downtime significantly

This is yet another big advantage of having a Mobile based maintenance system. Usually, during any machine maintenance activity, there will be some equipment’s that either require repair or replacement.

In these situations, downtime occurs when the requirement of spare parts does not reach the procurement team on time. After inspection, the technicians take 2-3 days to prepare a physical report and thus a lot of time is lost in this process. The machines till then remain un-operational.

With the mobile CMMS, this problem can be addressed instantly, the technicians can take photos of the parts they need during the maintenance activity and file a Live report, using the CMMS on their mobile.

The report instantly reaches the procurement team and the parts are provided quickly.  This system is even more impactful in managing critically important multi-faceted asset management projects.

3] Mobile staffs

So now your teams can work remotely, they can visit your different work sites and yet be connected to the main operations through the mobile based maintenance software. This easy accessibility to office operations will further enhance the overall productivity of your employees and seamlessly automate your processes.

4] Facilitates Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance is referred to identifying and rectifying a fault detected in machines and further ensuring that the system returns to its operational stage without any hindrance.

With a mobile based CMMS, the corrective action to any error can be recorded in real-time and the solution from project managers can also be acquired promptly, without any physical dependencies.

So now if a machine is working faulty or slow, then the project manager can record the problem in real-time, using the mobile based CMMS software and send it to the technician, who can view the problem immediately and provide the required solution, thus saving on both time and cost.

5] Better Team Collaborations

The organization is like a single framework with multiple branches, but in most organizations, one section of the company does not know about the problems and the progress of the other department. In such a scenario, they work as units with separate goals and the organizational goal remains only on paper.

However, with the mobile based CMMS, now each one can stay connected to the happenings of the organizations and thus communications between different teams will become transparent and effective. For instance, the finance team would know the cost incurred on maintenance in real-time and plan their budgets accordingly.

Final Word

An investment in mobile based maintenance software can bring both monitory and operational benefits to your organization. However, it is important to select the right software that can reduce cost and increase the ROI.

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