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How Mass Email Marketing Can Make Your Business Money

Mass email marketing is an excellent way to increase your sales while connecting with your audience.

Email is part of almost every person’s daily routine, which makes it a great marketing tool. Mass email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to build relationships with consumers and earn more customers. It can be frustrating if an email your team worked hard on received little sales or missed the mark on your goals.

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It’s important to test various strategies and learn what your audience gravitates towards regarding marketing.

Every target audience will be different for every business, so getting the correct email messaging down may take a few tests. Take a look at these tips to increase your email marketing effectiveness and, ultimately, your company’s return on investment.

Learn How Mass Email Marketing Strategies Can Make Your Business Money

Utilize the Art of Psychology

You can use the art of psychology in just about every aspect of your life, including mass email marketing campaigns.

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A psychology degree isn’t needed, just a basic understanding of how the mind works. When writing your email copy, use a tone of urgency for users to feel the need to act quickly on a deal. You can use time-sensitive power words that draw attention to the sale you are pitching.

Reward Subscribers

Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them, so you have to give them a reason to read your emails. One way to convince your audience to read your emails is to provide them with something they value. For example, you can offer a special discount for email members only.

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Another way to go about it is to create a giveaway. A giveaway will encourage your subscribers to take the action of letting their friends and family know about your email list for the chance to win free things.

If you are running a giveaway, you must make it easy to enter, fair for everyone, and drive as many people to your website as possible. Here are a few basic steps to consider when setting up your giveaway.

  1. Set a goal for your email giveaway (how many people you want to reach).
  2. Choose the prizes your company would like to giveaway.
  3. Determine the rules of the contest.
  4. Create and send out the email to promote your giveaway.
  5. Pick a winner for the giveaway.
  6. Track the results of your email giveaway.

Cross-Sell Products

An effective way to make money through email marketing is to cross-sell products that would be valuable for your consumers. Although this is a sales tactic, it should not come off as your company just sending emails to make money from subscribers. Most consumers will look down upon that and unsubscribe from your email list very quickly.

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Instead, use automated emails to offer products related to the ones that the person just purchased. For example, if a person just ordered a candle from your website, you can send them an automated email that suggests they buy a brand new lighter to go along with their candle. It can feel personal to their buying habits and lead them back to the website to browse again.

Abandoned Cart Emails

As we mentioned above, automated emails are a great way to personalize your email marketing tactics. Online shopping leads to an extreme amount of abandoned carts – a massive problem for online businesses and retailers. There are various reasons why the person did not complete their purchase, but it doesn’t always mean they don’t want to buy the items anymore.

Abandoned shopping cart

Sending an automated email letting them know of the products in their cart will remind them to buy them and lead them back to your website again. You can also recommend products they might like based on the items they have in their cart.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book, but it still works. A whopping 84% of consumers say that they completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family and friends.

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Personal recommendations are the highest scored source for trustworthiness when it comes to someone making their next purchase, so your business should be taking advantage of that.

One of the best ways to build your word-of-mouth marketing efforts is to create a referral system. If a person gets their friends and family to sign up to your email list, offer an exclusive coupon code to redeem on your site.

You can also ask your loyal fan base to give positive reviews of your products on Amazon or Google My Business and encourage them to go like your social media pages.

These are all great ideas, but the most critical part of mass email marketing is creating a killer strategy and pairing it with engaging copy. Even though email marketing is one of the most affordable advertising tactics, it still needs to be well thought out to be successful.

Using a mass email service and your marketing team will allow you to utilize various design templates and in-depth analytics to review. In addition, it’s important to continuously track and tweak your campaigns to understand what your audience is liking and disliking about your email marketing.

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