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How To Choose A Space Heater For Home

If space heaters have made in onto your radar, you’ve probably spent one too many nights shivering under extra blankets at home. Or perhaps last month’s heating bill put you over the edge. (In addition to using a space heater, here are ten other low-cost ways to heat up). Either way, you know a portable space heater is the answer to your home heating needs – it’s just a matter of which one.

Choose A Space Heater For Home

All space heaters are not created equal. Different sizes, styles and features make some models more suitable than others. For instance, a student in a small basement apartment may want a small unit that’s not too loud, while a family with a large open-concept living area, may look to a best space heater for large room review to make the best selection. (Those with large rooms may be interested in these other ways to add warmth to their living space).

Here are some of the variables to consider when choosing a space heater for home.

1] Heater Size and Watt Output

In other words, how powerful is the space heater. Units with 200-600 watts are suitable for small spaces like bedrooms, dormitories, and home offices. For a medium size living space, you’ll want a unit that offers closer to 1500 watts. Larger units suitable for large rooms and homes (e.g 1,000 square feet) will offer anywhere from 5,200 to an incredible 23,000 BTUs.

Not sure how many BTUs are needed to heat your area? Use a BTU calculator to help estimate your needs based on room size and ceiling height.

2] Thermostat Settings

Would you like the ability to adjust the temperature to be lower or higher at times? If so, you’ll want a unit with an adjustable thermostat and/or power settings. Turn it up on colder days or if you just prefer a toasty room, then turn it down to suit your partner’s preference or as the room warms up.

3] Safety Features

Do you have a particularly small space? Do you have children or pets at home? Or do you tend to forget to shut off appliances while rushing through your day? If any or all of these are a ‘yes’, then safety features like tip-over protection, overheat protection, cool touch exterior should be on your priority list.

4] Personal Preferences

In addition to the standard considerations above, many space heaters offer additional features to suit individual uses and preferences. Would you like the option of mounting the heater or setting it atop a desk rather than the floor? Would you like it to do double-duty as a fan on warmer days? How important is noise level?

As you browse space heater brands and reviews you’ll also find options for: oscillation, timers, built-in air purifiers and remote control. Consider your priorities as well as the nice-to-haves in order to find the best space heater style to keep you comfortable whether working or resting at home.

Space Heater

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5] Price and Warranty

Along with a variety of styles, sizes, features and colours, you’ll find that different small space heaters and space heaters for large rooms come with different price tags and warranties.

The one-time investment will cost you anywhere from approximately $25 – $80 for a small heater and anywhere from $125 to upwards of $300 for the best space heaters for large rooms.

Quality will inevitably vary from product to product and there’s always a chance of defects or unanticipated issues. Pay attention to the warranty which may vary from one to five years, to ensure you make a purchase you’ll be happy with in the long run.

Rest assured, space heaters are a safe, efficient and economical way to add additional warmth to your home through the colder months. Consider the factors above to select the style that’s right for you and say goodbye to extra large blankets and heat bills this season!

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