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How Can I Make My Snapchat Score Increase Faster?

How to improve your overall snap score A Snapchat user’s snap score is something they will be familiar with. A snap score, for the uninitiated, is a made-up figure that goes up when your snap count goes up.

The score has no real meaning, although it does indicate how active a user someone is on Snapchat. If a person has a high Snapchat Score, it means they are active on Snapchat and share many snaps with their friends.

If you are an avid user of Snapchat and want to improve your overall score on the app, then you should read this post. Improve your Snap score fast and easily with these tips, and you’ll soon be the envy of all your friends.

How to Increase Snapchat Score Faster?

How to Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast

Send More and More Snaps at Once

By sending a single photo to a single friend, you get one point. This is the way it works. However, AppyPie has suggested that sending photos to numerous friends at once might potentially earn you bonus points. If you send a Snap to ten people, you could get ten or eleven points.

How to send multiple snaps at once?

The Snapchat app allows users to simultaneously share the same snap with many contacts. Simply choose the people you want to contact and touch the white ‘Send’ arrow. When you click the “Send” button a second time, the photo will be sent to each of the friends you choose.

Be Sure You Read Every Snap

Did you know that every time you open a snap on Snapchat, a new point is added to your profile that contributes to the score of your profile as a whole?

As a result, you need to make a point of opening all of the unread snaps that have been given to you by your friends or even directly from Team Snapchat. All of the snaps that have not yet been viewed are presented with bright red lettering that reads “New Snap.”


“If you have a collection of snaps that you haven’t seen yet, you can open it by tapping through to the next snap in the collection. There is no need to watch the whole length of the sent snap. One point is added to your overall score for every collection snap that you open.”

Add Stories Quite Often

It has been suggested by GadgetsToUse that in addition to sending and receiving snaps on the Snapchat app, users may now publish stories to their profiles in order to receive extra points for their Snap Score. You’ll get one point toward your profile’s total for every story you share. Use your Snapchat account to tell a story by following these instructions.

To shoot a photo using Snapchat, launch the app and press the shutter button. Snapchat allows you to experiment with various filters to enhance your photos and push your creative limits. For immediate inclusion in your story, tap the “Story” icon at the bottom of the app.

This approach may be used to add many stories to your profile, each of which will earn you a new Snapscore point. If you want more people to see your Snapchat profile, you should post stories often.

Add More Friends on Snapchat

If you are new to Snapchat and are unsure how to add friends to Snapchat, here are the steps to follow and add more friends to get a few more points to your Snapchat score.

  • Open Snapchat App.
  • Tap on Your Profile Photo.
  • Scroll Down to Find “Add Friends”.
  • Tap on “Add” (Besides the Name of a Friend) to add.

Furthermore, Snapchat has a search bar where you can type in the name of a friend to quickly and easily add them.

Why Do You Need to Increase Your Snapchat Score?

Like a game’s score, your Snapchat score reflects how involved you are in your daily routine. The Snapchat points system is a great method to stay motivated and monitor your development inside the app.

Unfortunately, there are no bonus functions in Snapchat that become available as your score improves. Conversely, many users find that a high Snap Score makes it easier to tell genuine individuals apart from bots.

Why Won’t Snapchat Score Update?

There is a big misunderstanding about the fact that Snapchat Score calculated in real-time. Users may see instantaneous changes to their Snapchat scores. In the majority of cases, Snapchat will not update the scores of your profile for around seven days. All you can do now is make a note of your scores and wait at least a week to see whether they improve.

You can expect to see changes to your scores within a week, although there are situations when this may not happen. Occasionally, this may occur if Snapchat has a technical issue.

Snap Inc. is working to remedy the problem you’re experiencing. As an alternative, you may delete Snapchat and reinstall it on your smartphone. This will clear off any remaining cache issues and start your device out with a fresh start.

How to Find Your Snapchat Score?

To find your Snapchat score requires some digging if you’ve never done it before. Snap’s Profile page is where you may customise your Bitmoji by tapping its face or the circle symbol in the app’s upper left corner.

Your Snap code will be displayed at the top of your profile page. In addition to your Snap code, your profile will also include your username, Snap score, and zodiac sign.

You may find out two more digits by tapping on your Snap score. The left number represents the total number of Snaps you’ve sent since registering your account, while the right number indicates the total number of Snaps you’ve received.

How to Find Your Friend’s Snapchat Score

In the end, you can also see your friends’ Snapchat scores on their profile pages, right next to their Bitmoji and username. When you enter a chat with a friend, you may see their profile by tapping the person symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Go to Chat Room with Your Friend.
  • Tap on Profile Icon (on the top left).
  • Open Profile.
  • View Now Snapchat Score underneath his/her Name.

Don’t be concerned if the sum of the numbers doesn’t make sense. It may take a while for them to register, and the Snapchat Story Points will be added to the total score, but they will not be included in these two totals.

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