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4 Essential Photography Gears for Snagging Chicks on Your Solo Travels

You’ll be a hit with the girls when you know a thing or two about photography. Of course, girls love being photographed like models in a photo shoot, and you’re more than happy to capture their gorgeous bods in photos.

When you’re going to travel alone, make sure you have all the tools you need for taking good pictures of the girls… er, your adventures. Who knows, your photography gears might add up to your manly charm to win over a hot Latina for a date and perhaps, get laid.

Top Photography Gears for Travelling Photographer

Photography Gears

Don’t be just a regular camera-toting guy—arm yourself with the right gears that will make you look like a full-fledged pro photographer and impress the girls!

Digital camera

Digital camera

How do you usually carry your stuff? Do you just put things in your pockets? Are you the type who doesn’t mind bringing a bag? Consider how much you’re willing to carry when picking a travel camera. If you hate the bulk, then get a compact point-and-shoot or mirror less camera. You can also just buy photography add-ons for your smartphone or install apps so that you won’t need to bring a separate camera.

But if you don’t mind bringing an extra baggage, get a DSLR or a mirror-less camera that gives you more control of the quality of your photos.

Camera lenses

Camera lenses

Nothing says “I’m a serious photographer” like aiming a camera with a big lens attached to it. More than just using it as a fashion statement, you must also learn what each lens is for and how to use it to achieve your desired shots.

Show a chick that she’s the apple of your eye by using a prime lens with an aperture between f/1.2 and f/1.9. This gives you a shallow depth of field that causes blur on the background, which draws attention to the subject of your photo.

When you need to take a close-up photo of her, get a 70-200mm f/2.8 wide-angle to moderate telephoto zoom lens. It gives you just the right frame space to compose your shot properly, while allowing you to get near your subject without actually doing so.

Portable flash kit

Portable flash kit

Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR, don’t go taking pictures without this kit. The kind of lighting you use spells the difference between a clear, crisp photo and a badly exposed one. So if you don’t want to be slapped in the face by an angry babe, use a good portable lighting kit made up of a flash head, a soft light modifier, a power source, and a stand.

Add a beauty dish too, if you can. It’s an umbrella-shaped stuff that photographers hold up in photo shoots. Look for the following when you choose a portable flash kit:

  • Flash that’s more powerful than 500 watts per second.
  • Can run by itself on battery.
  • Works both indoors and outdoors.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.


Got a bad case of shaky hands? Want to include yourself in group photos mobbed by hot girls? A tripod will save your mighty ass. Get a fold-able one so that it will be easier to carry or slip into your backpack.

All these Photography gears will amount to nothing without practice. So try out your setup first before you show off your stuff to that chick you just met. You’d want to kick ass, not look like a dumbass. Don’t just fake it – work for it. Once a chick likes your photos of her, you’ll have her coming back for more. You can take it from there afterwards. 🙂

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