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Is A Solar Generator Worth It for Your Spokane Home? 6 Things to Consider

A solar generator lets you capture and store the sun’s energy. It has applications from home to the office and even outdoors.

But is it worth it to get one for your Spokane home?

Here are a few things to consider before you make your purchasing decision:

Solar Generator

They’re Quiet

Solar generators, unlike gas generators, are extremely quiet, making almost no noise as they run. If you’re worried about the noise level of running a generator, you won’t have that issue with one powered by the sun.

They’re Easy to Use (and Powerful)

Solar generators – made of portable power stations and solar panels – are simple to use and operate. You won’t have to fuss with one to get it up and running, which can be crucial sometimes, especially when you need power quickly.

You may be surprised at just how powerful these generators can be. For example, solar generators from brands like EcoFlow have models that can power up to 13 devices at the same time.

They Provide Clean, Renewable Energy

Regular gas or propane generators use valuable and finite natural resources. A solar generator gives you the power you need without tapping into anything that’s non-renewable.

Solar energy is free as long as you have the technology to capture it – and with a solar generator, you’ll have the technology to capture and store it.

They’re Safe to Use

Gas-powered generators can be dangerous if accidents occur. If one catches on fire and you’re near it, you could sustain severe burns or worse. Running a fuel generator indoors can lead to toxic fume build-up, 100 times more toxic than carbon monoxide from car exhaust.

With a solar generator, there are none of these risks involved, and you don’t have to worry about any threats to your health or home.

They’re a Significant Investment

One thing to note about solar generators is that they require a significant upfront investment. You should be prepared to pay around the $2000 mark for a quality solar generator.

The good news is that this investment will last, and it’s an actual investment. You’ll get value from your purchase for years.

The Batteries Size Relates to Capacity

Another factor you’ll need to consider is that the storage capacity of their batteries can be small. For some, it’s a good thing because it makes the generator more portable, making it ideal for camping or working in outdoor locations.

However, if you need to power your entire house, you’ll need a more high-capacity unit. Usually, the higher the capacity, the larger the battery. If you run high-wattage appliances on a smaller capacity generator, you’d use all the energy you have stored rather quickly.

Clean, Safe, and Simple Power with Solar Generators

Solar generators are a great backup when traditional power sources fail, and they can be of great use in certain situations, such as camping. While generators as a whole can serve this same purpose, solar generators do so in a safer, simple way, utilizing renewable energy from the sun. Choosing a solar generator for your Spokane home could be a great addition and an excellent investment.

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