Top 10 Tips for Winning at Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game, and one of the most popular games played overall. The relatively uncomplicated set of rules make blackjack a favourite with newcomers. Though it can be a simple game to pick up and play, blackjack is anything but easy to master. Your luck and skill will be put to the test; winning relies on making sound plays.

Win at Online Blackjack Without Counting

Here are some tips to help you make better plays and rake in those rewards.

A game with a Reputable Source

Before you can win anything at all, you must make sure the site you have chosen is well trusted and secure. Online blackjack UK games from a regulated casino is a must when real money is on the line.

Leave Your Superstitions at the Door

Blackjack is a very logical and calculated game. Experienced players know that luck is only a small part of a winning hand. Don’t rely on gut feeling or irrational thought, as they have no place at the table.

Consult the Charts

A new player may have trouble making the most beneficial calls early in their training. It can be almost impossible to work the maths out in your head without having more knowledge of the game. Keep a strategy chart handy to help you make the best calls.

Check the Rules

Variety is the spice of life – and blackjack. Online casinos will be offering a multitude of game types and rules among their blackjack tables. Be sure to pay close attention, as joining the wrong game with unfavourable rules could spell disaster.

More Decks in Play Means Worse Odds for You

In an attempt to make more money per hour, casinos will use more than one deck when dealing. More decks mean less shuffling and more hands are played over the same amount of time. Blackjack is a game best played out over the long term and more hands expose you to faster loss.

Online Blackjack for Real Money

Increasing Your Bet At the Wrong Time

Your odds of winning a hand are always constant, regardless of what happened beforehand. Increasing your wager on the illogical thought that you’re owed a win is bad practice. Only the ability to play more hands will lead to greater winnings; the universe isn’t keeping a tally to stay fair and even.

Know When to Leave the Table

It’s generally advisable to set an upper and lower limit before you start playing if you want to go home with anything left. A winning streak can turn sour in an instant, so quit while you’re still ahead.

An Ace in the Hole

Aces are unique, while other cards only have a single value. You can choose what your ace is worth. Hands that contain an ace are considered “soft”, meaning that your final count isn’t set in stone.

Never Split a Pair of 10s

Though it can be tempting, you are all but guaranteeing your loss if you split a hand that contains two 10s. A total of 20 is almost perfect, and the odds of beating that score are abysmally low.

Consider Perks and Bonuses

Casinos want people filling up their tables, so they can earn more money: that’s no surprise. Check for bonuses that will give you the advantage to maximise your earning potential.

If you want to win more games, you will need to stick to a strategy and follow through; making the most of your time will depend on it. Keeping a clear head and defining a goal will give you the sense you need to succeed in this fun and fast-paced game.

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