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UpperKey Property Management Services & Guaranteed Rent for Owners

Are you looking forward to obtaining a steady rent month after month from your property? If yes and if you’ve not been getting positive results from your efforts, your wait is over! Get help of Upper Key Property Management & Guaranteed Rent for Owners as they will help you resolve all your doubts about renting your property.

Once you seek their help, their company becomes your primary tenant and assures you a fixed rent every month. They will let out your property to an international clientele and offer all-exclusive property management services and hotel management services to improve occupancy and provide best quality care to tenants.

UpperKey Property Management Services

Grab a must-have offer that you can’t refuse

As soon as you feel you are ready to hire the services of UpperKey, you can get one of their expert property managers to discuss the rental potential of your property. He will give you an accurate estimate and set realistic goals.

After a thorough evaluation of your property, they will prepare a tenancy offer or property management services for a time period of 3 years, depending on your needs and requirements. Conditions include insurance for guaranteeing rent. As you agree with UpperKey professionals, they will soon start managing your hotel or property and handle every single task from electricity contracts, cleaning, property management, and much more.

Valuation of Property

You have to give them every single detail about the property that you wish to rent. If everything meets their criteria, they will arrange a date for evaluating your property and looking into more detail and deciding which guaranteed rent plan seems to be perfect for you.

Guaranteed High Rent

With UpperKey, you get hassle-free real estate management services. Their guaranteed rent program will offer up to 6 months of rent paid upfront and includes guaranteed rent insurance and Airbnb concierge services, making sure that your property is in good hands. With the hotel management services, you will love worry-free ownership and also boost your chances of maximising your ROI on your property.

What do they offer in the ever-changing property market?

We live in an era of ever-changing property market and amidst these tough market conditions, UpperKey offers stability to property owners by providing them a good source of rent. Their ultimate goal is not just to make property investments less intensive and more secure with rent guarantee insurance but they also simplify the rental process as much as they can. Here are a few steps that you have to go through:

  • Talk it out: The first step is to talk it out with the UpperKey professional. Tell them, in detail, about your portfolio or property, and if it meets their initial criteria, they will arrange a schedule to view the property for rent estimation and initial inspection.
  • Make an offer: Once the property is viewed and inspected, they make an offer for around 3 years of tenancy along with Airbnb concierge services and comprehensive property management. This is something unique that you’ll only find with UpperKey!
  • Take care of everything: Once you accept their offer and agree on their terms, they will take over your property or portfolio and handle everything from cleaning to routine maintenance to gas and electricity contracts, and much more.
  • You can relax: In case you opted for Guaranteed Rent after paying 6 months of upfront rent, you can thereby enjoy 100% occupancy as they take care of your property.

Are there any factors that influence your rent?

Well, each property is unique and this is why the rental estimate will vary from one property to another. There are a number of factors that will have an impact on the rental value of your property. Some of them include (but are not limited to) location of the property, total number of bedrooms, size of the property, year of construction, number of bathrooms, furnished vs unfurnished, current condition of the property, special amenities like monument view or balcony, and much more.

UpperKey Airbnb Concierge

UpperKey offers full Airbnb property concierge services for your hosts, thereby making the rental more profitable and lucrative without you having to bear the headache of dealing with hosting and Airbnb rules.

Airbnb Concierge services for hosts include a wide range of services that have the common goal of making hosting enjoyable and easier. They will help you draft a listing, respond to all the inquiries of guests, coordinate check-ins and offer 24/7 guest support. All of these services will make hosting stress-free.

Apart from offering streamlined communication with guests and helping with designing a space that perfectly matches with the individual style of the guests, Airbnb Concierge services also offer a wide range of additional services like laundry, cleaning and key management.

By properly utilizing the resources and expertise of Airbnb Concierge services, hosts can make sure their guests have an enjoyable experience and that their hosting process also gets smother. UpperKey will tackle everything related to Airbnb rules and regulations.

UpperKey becomes your tenant within a day

Do you own a property in Paris in Arrondissements 1-8? If yes, you can still rent your apartment or property to UpperKey at a favorable rental price. All you need to do is sign a company lease that is not subject to rent controls of Paris, receive rents every month, even though the apartment is empty.

UpperKey has more than 12 years of experience in handling properties in Paris and hence they can soon become your corporate tenant within 24 hours and rent your property to the best clients.

Specialists in Hotel Management

UpperKey will also manage your hotel on behalf of you and improve performance, increases rates, maximising occupancy, and dealing with suppliers, employees, and partners, while reducing cash flow.

Owning hotels and operating them is a complicated process but with UpperKey, you can sit back and relax. They will become your tenant on a multi-year lease driving profitability and making your life as an owner smoother and easier. They have a long track record of excellence in the field of logistics and operations, revenue management and hotel pricing.

So, for all your renting needs, UpperKey is your answer. Get in touch with them through their Contact page and start earning guaranteed rent today!

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