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Who Are You Generation Z?

One way of categorizing people is within a generation gap. So do you know where you fall? Here is a breakdown of the four generations:

Baby boomers are the oldest lot of people aged 57 to 75 years. Then the next generation is Generation X, people in the age range 41 to 56. Generation Y, also Millenials, closely follows with people within the age gap of 25 to 40. And lastly, we have Generation Z, which has young ones between the ages of 6 to 24.

Generation Z

Now you know where you fall, right! This piece will focus on Generation Z and their latest demand for better media quality.

What Generation Z wants

The young generation Z has been born into a world where the internet was already a thing. And so, it is safe to say they rely on the internet for a lot of things; education, entertainment, and personal growth.

The conference then concluded that this generation demanded better media quality. But that’s not all; they also desire new tech standards relaying credible, educative, and entertaining content.

Here are some of the reasons they have such high demands.

Seeing is believing

A Gen Z member lives in an era where the internet has been commercialized. And so they seek brands that are authentic and real. Around 82% of them attest that they trust a brand that utilizes more imagery in their adverts.

Seeing something in use in its genuine skin is convincing and compelling. So much so, this prompts better quality posts of any item being advertised via the internet.

If any brand wants to sell to a person in this generation gap, they must go beyond words and show them because seeing is believing.

The internet is a social hub

Most of the time, you will find a Generation Zer on a social media page. And this is because around 66% of them believe that the internet can bring people together. The internet has no geographical boundaries; one can communicate with others continents apart.

This is not as shocking as now; about 56% of Generation Z have an online friend that they have never met. And since they rely on such vital connections via the internet, quality media exchanges are valid requests.

These internet-based platforms are also becoming valuable sources of information. Take, for instance, Mati Kochavi’s Eva Stories on Instagram taught kids about the holocaust. Also the tons of online learning institutions available. There are online classes, not forgetting to mention YouTube as the most significant source of tutorial videos and lessons.

The technological boom via the internet gives them opportunities to become better

Most tech advancements are centered around the internet, and the Gen Zers are here to utilize it all. For instance, Artificial intelligence is educative, entertaining, and revolutionary.

And this generation believes it positively impacts the world. The internet has become a light that has opened doors to numerous career opportunities. And the results forecast personal growth that members of this generation celebrates.


Generation Z’s demand for better media is a good cause. They have fully embraced it, and seeking a better quality is nothing but expected.

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