6 Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiters (Free & Paid)

A typical recruiting process lasts around 36 days because all employers are interested in finding the best candidates for their openings. However, with the help of technology, recruiters can optimize their search for the best candidates for a reasonably affordable cost (and sometimes, at no cost at all).

This article discusses the top Chrome extensions recruiters could use to make the most of their candidate-searching efforts. So, instead of testing all options blindly, you should check how these tools work, their pricing, and their features. On the other hand, if you’ve never used recruiting extensions before, you may wonder (quite reasonably) – are they even worth the effort? The short answer is – yes, definitely! As to why keep reading.

Top Benefits of Using Chrome Extensions for Recruiting

Best Chrome Extension for Recruiters

  • Accomplish more goals faster: the most efficient Chrome extensions maximize productivity and save time with specific tasks.
  • Organization: many extensions help you organize tasks, set deadlines, and even send automatic updates to social networks.
  • Mobile sync: most modern Chrome extensions grant you access to every data that you save across any devices linked to the same account. This means you will no longer sit at your office, as you can access your data from anywhere.

What To Look for In a Chrome Extension for Recruiters

When you are trying to find the best Chrome extension that suits your goals, consider the following:

  • Functionality: some Chrome extensions are perfect for time management, whereas others are best for sending automated updates and extracting other people’s contact details. So, figure out what you need first before uploading any plugins.
  • Costs: most Chrome extensions are available for free, but customers can’t use their premium features. Paid Chrome extensions don’t cost that much, but you may have considered them instead of the free options because they offer more advanced features.
  • Accuracy: when using email finder tools, accuracy is the major factor that guarantees success in recruiting.
  • Ease of use: most extensions are easy to use, but there can be some unfortunate exceptions you should certainly avoid.

Which Are the Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiters (FREE and PAID)

Here are the best Chrome extensions for recruiters. Install them and use them so that the hiring process at your company can run smoothly. Let’s have a look at the top recruiters’ favorites:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator entered the market in 2010 and has been very popular among recruiters since then. The main perk is that it plugs into Gmail, and regardless of when you receive your email from any hiring manager or job applicant, your LinkedIn profile becomes visible. Quite logically, it is also linked to social profiles on LinkedIn, and you can still obtain the most important information needed to verify the sender’s identity. LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $50/month.


SignalHire Chrome extension for LinkedIn and other social sites can look up anyone’s contact detail in one click. The tool’s impressive 96% hit rate is backed up by a huge database of verified contacts that can be delivered to you whenever you look at a lead’s social media account. SignalHire works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub — all top platforms for candidate search. To date, this tool has three different subscriptions, according to any need. It offers different customized yearly and monthly plans that start at 200 credits per month. The basic paid plan starts at $39 per month, but there is also a free version to get started.


Buffer browser extension helps you share your social media content very efficiently. With the help of Buffer, you should schedule your Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook posts with just a few clicks. When using Buffer, it’s easier to share your content in just a few weeks or days without spending your time online. That saves recruiters quite a lot of time in promoting the company image, which is often a part of their job. Buffer pricing is also very affordable, starting at $5/month.


Calendly is for the busiest employers who spend all their time on the phone, in meetings, or interviews. This Chrome extension is for those who schedule a lot of interviews and other business-related meetings. You can use it from any device and have complete control over your schedule. And you can also use a calendar that works with your email.

When someone schedules a meeting with you, Calendly will send a link via mail and choose the right time according to your schedule. Calendly comes with a free plan, but free features do not cover too many needs of a recruiter. However, you can choose the Calendly paid option because it has more potential. The price is very readable, starting at just $8/month.

Clockify Extension

Clockify is more of a time tracker extension type. It’s useful if you want to be more productive and have a more intelligent business schedule. If you don’t want to spend too much time scheduling work and meetings, this tool will help you. Clockify can also help with setting up project milestones and has robust analytics. With its insights, you can adjust your time accordingly. The best news is that this tool is available for free. You can download it online and use it to be more productive. is essential in the recruitment industry because it helps you stay connected and boosts your chances of successful networking. While LinkedIn can say quite a lot about a potential candidate’s identity, can provide additional data about your connections.

Similar to, it can curate your candidate’s contact info, but unlike the SignalHire extension, focuses more on other social platforms. It is not in providing your new connection’s contact info, but it can show the candidate’s mutual friends, social media profiles, the last workplace, and their website (when available). starts at $35/month and includes email support. The growth plan is $59/month.

Recruiters and employers no longer need to waste precious work hours searching for suitable candidates manually. Any of the above extensions can prove a useful addition to your recruiting kit and save plenty of time and effort on routine tasks. The trick is to choose one (or a combination of several) that serves your goals.

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