The 4 Best Cricket Games Across All Platforms Right Now

As the second-most popular sport in the world, in an age where convenient digital versions sell like hotcakes, you can bet that there’s an ocean of cricket games out there. However, it can be difficult to find the ones that are actually worth your time. You could spend hours, even days, on a game only to find out that it’s broken, boring, play the same loop, or leans heavily into freemium tactics.

Best Cricket Games For Windows / Mac PC

You could turn your desire for a cricket game to the classic dice game Owzthat, which you can still pick up on the cheap, or trust those who have put in the legwork in the digital space of cricket gaming. Whether your gaming device is a smartphone, computer, video games console, or virtual reality set, there’s a great cricket game out there for you to try right now.

Stick Cricket Super League (Mobile)

Stick Cricket Super League

It’s tough to think of a more endearing and long-lasting cricket game in the digital space than Stick Cricket. From a remarkably fun browser game, the game developer Stick Sports now has several enhanced versions of the classic game available as mobile apps. For some, Stick Cricket Classic will be the only way to play, and as it has a 4.2 rating and over 10 million downloads, it’s tough to argue with that sentiment.

However, there’s tremendous fun to be had in the more IPL-like Stick Cricket Super League and, if you’re up for a multiplayer experience, Stick Cricket Live. The real-time multiplayer game of 1v1 cricket is fast-paced but it can very easily be deemed pay-to-win. Super League, on the other hand, is all about signing superstar cricketers to build up your team, hit a bunch of sixes, and become the best T20 team in the world.

Cricket Legends (Mobile, Computer)

You can always tell when a certain theme, angle, celebrity, or feature is becoming popular online because there’s bound to be a developer that’s jumped on it to create a new slot game. Clearly, cricket is becoming more and more dominant in the online sports conversation and digital entertainment space, which is why Woohoo released the 243-ways, 5,000x top prize slot Cricket Legends.

The game, found at one of the best online casinos Canada has to offer, is set on the cricket field, with the batsman, umpire, wicketkeeper, fielders, and expanding-wild bowler symbols. Along with expanding wilds, the reels can also land with stacked wilds, symbols that unlock free spins, and the multipliers can increase. However, much like squaring up to an easy-to-read bowler, the cascading wins mean that one big hit can quickly lead to another.

Cricket 22 (Computer, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox)


Released every other year, the Cricket series from Big Ant Studios has quickly become the premier sports simulation game for cricket. Having made Don Bradman Cricket 14 and 17, the studio pivoted to the title of Ashes Cricket, before then releasing Cricket 19. Following this naming process used by 2K and EA was wise, rightfully establishing the series as a big-hitter among the likes of the NHL, Madden, NBA, and FIFA series of games.

Importantly, Cricket 22 has developed far beyond the core Ashes matchup that it once focussed on. Now, Cricket 22 boasts strong cricket gameplay, and many modes, and has expanded its license roster to include the CPL, The Hundred, Big Bash, and several more international sides. With adjusted controls, greatly enhanced graphics, and a story-driven career mode, Cricket 22 is by far the best cricket sim on the market.

iB Cricket (Virtual Reality)

Get on your helmet, I mean, headset, and step up to the crease for iB Cricket. Most sports VR games are quite gimmicky – like the countless boxing efforts – but there’s serious realism and depth to iB Cricket. Helping the game is that cricket is quite turn-based and not fluid for extended periods of time. That said, the options in this VR game allow you to switch up your bowling and batting style on the fly, which can certainly help in its career mode and when playing in global tournaments.

So, regardless of your preferred gaming platform, see if Stick Cricket Super League, Cricket Legends, Cricket 22, or iB Cricket can appease your cricketing desires in the digital world.

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