Top 10 Biggest Casino Wins In Australian History

Being the casino enthusiast that you are, we bet at least once you have wondered about the biggest casino wins in the history of Australia and Aussies. The country is known for some of its grand casinos and no less grand wins.

The Biggest Casino Winners in Australia

Biggest Casino Wins in Australia Ever

In this Top 10, we take a quick look at the most spectacular casino wins, including Australia online casinos and wins from Aussie gamblers.

Elmer Sherwin

One of the rare cases of a double-win at the Mirage. The first time the man won a $4.6 million jackpot. Fast-forward 16 years, the year is 2005, and now the win is $21 million! That’s one lucky guy.

Kim Dotcom

Yet another double win! The fan of baccarat and the creator of Megaupload won $10 million in 2012. And only one year later Dotcom won $33 million at roulette at the same SkyCity Casino.

Archie Karas

Greek poker player archie karas and one of the best in the game. He is known for winning $40 million in two and a half years, having the greatest streak. Unfortunately, he only needed three weeks to lose it all.

Anonymous Gambler

The player who decided to stay in the shadows won a jackpot of $30 million on slots in 2011. All that happened at the Crown Casino, Melbourne.

Kerry Packer

This one is for all the craps fans out there. Although Kerry Packer was a very wealthy man at the time, it is still impressive that he won $27 million playing craps in 1995.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Not just a lucky visitor but a pro gambler who was victorious at blackjack at the Australian National Championship. And then in 2005, he won $7 and a half million at blackjack at the Crown Casino, Melbourne.

Peter the Anonymous

Not much is known about this gambler. Except that his name is Peter, he is Norwegian, and he gained almost $12 million by winning a huge progressive jackpot online! Yes, online casinos can offer incredible jackpots.

Gina Rinehart

This Australian magnate is no stranger to casinos. And one day back in 2010 she gained $10 million at baccarat at the Crown Casino, the Perth one.

Anonymous Engineer

The anonymous gambler, who, according to his words, is only known as a ‘young engineer’, was only 25 years old when he hit an enormous jackpot at the Excalibur. The prize was almost $40 million.

Anonymous Dark Knight Player

An Aussie gambler gained almost $7 million at the Dark Knight-themed online slot machine. The year was 2016, but now that particular pokie is shut down.

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