7 Different Ways You Show Highlight Customer Reviews

Getting your organization to stand out against other local businesses is tricky. One way to improve conversion rates is to use customer reviews and endorsements. A case study found that 54% of respondents read at least four reviews before making a purchase decision.

Potential customers use reviews as a referral for product quality and pricing since happy customers will endorse a great product or service. Yelp, Amazon, and Google My Business are the most popular review sites. Here are seven of the best ways to showcase customer reviews.

Show Highlight Customer Reviews

Create a Dedicated Testimonial Page

A dedicated testimonial landing page allows visitors to access reviews and endorsements without distractions. Business owners who apply this method can customize their highlight customer reviews to add a visual appeal to content.

Display all positive feedback and a smattering of negative ones to build credibility. A 2019 Bizrate survey found that a combination of positive and negative reviews made a business seem more trustworthy.

Ensure that your testimonials are consistent with what you can offer the target audience. Familiarize yourself with plugins, extensions, and search engine optimization (SEO) to create a dedicated testimonial page that wows audiences.

Showcase Them on Social Media

Social channels are the perfect place for business owners to show business reviews since they host 223 million Americans (82% of the population). What’s more, there are flexible ways of displaying customer feedback on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn since you can post any content, even if it’s informal.

Social media adds an element of social proof of product quality, unlike email marketing. That way, new customers can relate with people who have already tested what you offer.

The great thing about social media is using templates to guide content creation. Additionally, plenty of automation tools can help with content scheduling and publishing.

Showcasing reviews on social media allows you to incorporate interactive images and hashtags that effectively capture customer attention.

Show Customer Reviews On Your Homepage

Your website’s homepage is probably the best place to display positive testimonial examples. The homepage is likely the first place your customers will land when looking for your online presence. It provides an instant source of information about your business.

It’s an opportunity for you to collect positive feedback from your social media platforms and lay it out. Your clients and potential customers will know how popular your products are the instant they visit your website.

Create a Video Testimonial Page

Video’s popularity as a medium for marketing has exploded in recent years. A 2022 survey found that 86% of marketers believe videos are highly effective in generating leads.

The best thing about video testimonials is that it gives customers a chance to judge reviewers’ body language and emotions. Customers look for and value authenticity in the videos.

Video testimonials are generally an appealing content format for most visitors, encouraging them to look at what you are advertising. A great way to achieve that is using digital signage, especially if it’s a video wall.

Add Customer Testimonials to a Scrolling Carousel

Typically a scrolling testimonial cycles through reviews from your chosen social media platform. A scrolling carousel containing testimonial screenshots creates an element of curiosity in visitors.

Visitors can go through several of the best customer reviews without lifting a finger. You can do more than showcase positive customer reviews on a scrolling carousel, like adding product reviews.

Display Customer Testimonials on Your Sidebar or Footer

The sidebar on our website can be your point of display for highlighting customer reviews. Customer testimonials highlighted in this space can easily complement other content like customer stories.

Visitors make decisions regarding your services or products based on customers experiences, such as tweets or Facebook reviews.

An essential part of ensuring that it works is knowing the correct way to set it up. For instance, there are several ways to customize the layout to show content on your digital signage displays.

Add Testimonials to Your About Us Page

Visitors flock to your about us page to learn more about your company and what it represents. Since it’s the section that allows customers to form an impression about you, it’s best to show your best side. That could take the form of flattering endorsements and reviews.

You have the freedom to be playful with the kind of reviews content you put up.

Conclusion – Highlighting Customer Reviews

A past study showed that 70% of consumers use personal recommendations and positive reviews to buy a product. That’s the power customer reviews and endorsements have on potential customers. Reviews from real people carry a lot of weight for eCommerce success.

Your online platforms are thus vital tools when laying out your digital marketing campaign strategy. Consider highlighting customer reviews using scrolling carousels or dedicated testimonials pages to stay ahead of competitors.

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