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8 Efficient Tips On How to Write a Creative Essay

Creative writing is one of the most essential skills to succeed in any educational institute. Many students write tones of creative essays from their first grade in school. Maybe, you would remember the common topics such as how you spent summer or the person who had the greatest impact on your life.

Techniques to Improve Your Creative Writing Skills

How to Write a Creative Essay

Sometimes, it is hard to cope with a creative essay’s task, especially if you have a certain study field to relate to, which blocks your writing freedom. Nevertheless, we learned the main issues students face during the writing process. It helped us list eight tips to boost your creativity while writing your essay on any topic.

Read what others write

Indeed, inspiration is the basis of creative writing. If you need to find an idea for your essay, you should learn what other writers do. There are many articles on online blogs that could be interesting for you.

These sources enrich you with essential knowledge of various disciplines. This principle we recommend to start with is like research inside of research. Or research before research. Anyway, considering it will not only let you know about a wide range of alternatives but also find something new to add to your story.

Come up with a topic

Your essay topic is the starting point of your story. Build your entire essay on something that really matters to you now. That’s the power of being an author. Find out from your teacher about the strict rules of your topic selection. If you almost don’t have any limits, try to pick up the one you are ready to tell an extended story about.

Remember that a creative essay is a unique type of academic text that allows you to use many words in it. Therefore, your topic is a determining factor of your essay’s length.

Provide research

At this stage, make sure you don’t negotiate any possible references because every information matters. Later on, you can implement some ideas from books, videos, or articles in your story or compare your experience with others.

Many students who face a creative essay writing task for the first time ask reliable specialists for help. Usually, they find special online sources as WriteMyEssayOnline, which are useful not only while writing a creative essay but in many other ways.

Those who have already used it left their feedback at the WriteMyEssayOnline review page for you to get acquainted with this source better. In any case, your researching process is efficient for the creative essay writing process.

Think about your reader

If your text needs to be evaluated, you won’t let your audience pay for essay cheap price. Consequently, we suggest you find out about who will read your essay.

This will help you to make the choice of words, expressions, literary elements, and overall style of narration. Your essay’s perception depends on many factors, so try to create an atmosphere you want your reader to feel while reading your piece.

When you want to enrich your text with non-cliche words, it is advantageous to use GraphWords and OneLook Thesaurus. With these sources, you will understand which word or phrase is better to use in your creative essay to explain your story’s every moment to your reader at its finest.

Plan it thoroughly

Outlining your essay plays a central role in making it understandable. The way you build elements through setup, confrontation, and resolution sections will determine the story’s logic. Setup is like an introduction, where you start telling a fable.

Make sure you hook your audience from the start of your essay, so they want to proceed reading. Then represent your story in chronological or plot order. Confrontation plays the role of body paragraphs where the story’s action is gaining momentum.

When it faces the climax, the main connection between body and conclusion, then you can start to resolve issues that you’ve described earlier.

Write freely

Try not to burden yourself during the writing process because you deprive your essay of creativity. If possible, try to follow the outline you’ve made earlier and include everything that’d inspired you most during research.

Give yourself the freedom to enjoy telling your story. At this step, you can choose a favorite playlist for writing or stock up with your favorite snacks. Make sure nothing disturbs you at this moment of the truly creative process.

Some students have their own rituals while writing, so why not to set yours? For example, Coffitivity is an online source with background sounds of students’ cafe, or university park.

Listening to sounds you choose allows you to concentrate better on what you’re writing and dive into your story atmosphere. Consider this service to make your creative essay writing memorable!

Edit smartly

A creative essay is that type of paper that doesn’t need to be perfectly polished. Meanwhile, it shouldn’t look like a mess. Ask your friend, college peer, neighbor, or someone from the family to give you honest feedback about what you’ve written.

Several meanings can give you an entire image of what you can improve in your creative essay. Check up technical errors such as typos or more serious spelling, grammatical, and punctuation mistakes.

If you don’t want to show your work to someone but a tutor, use online services like Grammarly, Hemingway, and Ginger. They are always rushing to the rescue when it comes to editing.

Read it out loud

This is an extra tip for those who still are not confident in their creative essay. Reading your text aloud will help you find flaws in narration, parts that need corrections, and elements you want to exclude from your story. This is an essential step for the writer’s self-development and improvement of analytical skills.


A creative essay is always an experiment! So, don’t hesitate to use the wildest elements to gain the reader’s heart. Even if you are not confident in your essays power, remember that there is always one wondering soul at the other side of your text is waiting to be encouraged, especially with your story!

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