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Google AdSense Publishers Need to Add EU User’s Consent Policy

Welcome back folks today at Just Web World we’re back with a interesting post for bloggers on Google AdSense Publishers Need to Add EU Users’ Consent Policy. Recently, 6 days ago google changed their adsense policy for their publisher and in this new policy they have added some very uneven point which might every publisher can qualify but still it will make adsense spam free from the people who don’t use their adsense account and have just created them. This will indirectly help the bloggers to have a user constity page if required by any other Ad Network or direct publisher.

Google AdSense Publishers Required to Add EU User’s Consent Policy

Google AdSense Publishers Consent Policy

Google AdSense Publishers Consent Policy

The change in the direct response of the EU’s Cookie compliance regulation is following the the arrival of google published cookies website that is CookieChoices, which was spotted a long back ago in the last month. That site was introduced by google for helping the digital publishers to acquire tools and access other resources that will help in their commitments to acquire user consent.

These tools include very sensitive data of the users of the website which is used to inform the users about he cookies of the website, and additionally those that can be utilized to acquire consent directly, similar to splash screens, notification or warning bars, or one-time pop-up alarms that can be utilized on mobile applications for informing the mobile app users about the policy and remember to add the popup when app starts or is opened by the reader for your blog.

Basically google introduced this new policy to enhance their cookie policy for EU. The EU had some regulations related to cookie data collection for quite some time and found it useful. But now this time google is going to apply this policy on the users actually on themselves on their product,”AdSense” which is the major source of earning for many blogger just like you and me.

According to google every blog using Adsense must have EU User’s Consent Policy otherwise google would ban the publishers account without giving any notice to the new Adsense Account whereas they would give a short term warning to their old and valuable publishers. Google also asked the App Publishers to use a popup in their mobile application relating to EU User’s Consent Policy which should come up when the user opens the app to read your blog. This will be applied to IOS and Android applications. The deadline before applying this policy is 30th September, if any publisher don’t add’s a page or popup to their website or mobile app respectively for EU User’s Consent Policy then his/her Adsense account may be disabled or banned without releasing any old payments.


Above we have discussed about the new policy introduced by google for the AdSense Publisher which is to be undertaken by 30th September 2015 or google will take actions according to it to the people who don’t do the needful according to this new policy. The new policy implies that Google AdSense Publishers Need to Add EU User’s Consent Policy otherwise Google might disable or Ban your account.

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