How To Write A Monthly Timesheet

A timesheet is a document that all employers should keep regardless of the number of employees in their company.

This document contains a list of the names of all employees in a certain department or organization as a whole, as well as a record of the number of days off from work and the reasons for non-attendance during the accounting period.

The timesheet is required in order to be able to monitor compliance with the work schedule, as well as for payroll calculations for employees.

Write A Monthly Timesheet

The law requires this document to be drafted and kept in both paper and electronic form.

Rules for maintaining the timesheet

The form of the timesheet is of a recommendatory nature. It means that the law does not stipulate any particular requirements as to the keeping and drafting of timesheets, thus the rules for compiling and approving the timesheet are set by each entity at its own discretion.

That is, you can use any sample of the document, supplementing it with various features required for the accounting of working time. In any case, the main thing is that this document should contain all the information that is used in a particular organization to calculate wages.

Cases when the timesheets should be kept for employees

A timesheet should be kept for all employees without exceptions, including

  • Part-time employees;
  • Seasonal employees;
  • Students hired for paid internships.

Only individuals who work under a civil law contract do not need to be entered in the monthly Timesheet template.

When the timesheet is drafted, each employee is assigned a special timesheet number. It is possible to add new specialists to the timesheet and cross out fired specialists only on the basis of special administrative documentation.

As to the companies where payroll is calculated with special accounting software, timesheet numbers are not unnecessary for the employees. In this case, the program automatically accounts for payroll by a person’s identification code.

The person responsible for the timesheet keeping

The timesheet should be maintained by an employee who has been authorized to do so by the employer’s order or job description. If the organization does not have many employees, the timesheet template is usually filled out by an accountant.

As to the large companies, this document is filled out by the human resources department or timekeepers (the position is introduced when there are a lot of different structural departments). Responsibilities for drawing up and keeping timesheets may be assigned to the heads of the departments or their subordinates.

The completed and customized monthly timesheet template should be approved by the person in charge or the head of a particular department or subdivision

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