Meet the Polish Payment Method That Breaks New Records Every Day

The Blik payment method is a money transaction service exclusive to Poland and was established in 2015. Since its establishment, it has garnered a lot of confidence amongst the Polish, even being adopted by major Polish financial institutions and earning a place as the top Polish mobile payment method. Blik has a myriad of applications ranging from money transfers to online payments.

Polish Payment Method

How Does Blik Work?

Blik’s ease of use is the major contributing factor to its popularity. In simple terms, the user’s banking application generates a six-digit code whenever a payment is made. The code is then used at a Blik-conformable ATM or shop, and the transaction is confirmed in the mobile app.

Through that short process, you can now shop online, withdraw cash from an ATM, transfer funds and even remember previous shops you have purchased at through the six-digit codes.

How Does Blik Compare to Other Popular Payment Methods

Despite hearing all the perks about Blik, one can’t help but wonder how the Blik Payment stacks up against other heavyweights in the payment services industry. Blik has already given VISA, G-Pay Mastercard, Revolut and Apple Pay a run for their money and with good reason.

Blik is the only available payment method that avails POS and e-commerce payments under one brand, coupled with transfers via mobile and ATM withdrawals. No other payment method globally is known to have achieved this feat.

During the second quarter of 2020, surveys conducted by KANTAR revealed that as many as three-quarters of those who participated used Blik, while 23% had heard of it but never really used it.

Application of Blik in Gaming and Gambling

Blik has so much influence in Poland that it has taken root in the country’s gambling and betting industry. Online casinos with Blik have been established in Poland as more online casino operators are gradually jumping on the bandwagon to complement this payment method that has become the fabric of Polish society.

Modern online casinos zero in on direct transfers, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets and prepaid cards, which are all excellent and efficient transfer services.

But, the downside is that they are incredibly time-consuming. E-wallets and prepaid cards must be topped up, while bank transfers can take a couple of days to process. Blik has tackled this by hastening the process required to carry out transactions via online casinos.

Unlike many digital wallets, clients can make Blik withdrawals through conventional bank transfers. Online casinos supporting Blik are subject to intense licensing so that playing will be secure for enthusiasts.

Blik’s speed ensures you can play online slots amongst other casino games in a flash. Since many Polish online casinos offer this deposit option, it is worth giving Blik a shot if you’re a gambling enthusiast in Poland.

Blik casinos have been a smash hit in Poland. If you want to play your favourite game in a Polish online casino, make a quick deposit through Blik, claim your welcome bonus and get lost in the allure of the casino games. You can also withdraw funds from your winnings through Blik.

Blik’s influence has also been felt in the Polish gaming industry with increased Blik transactions in the gaming sector. If you’re a gaming fanatic in Poland, you can purchase your favourite online game via Blik.

You can also buy a game’s unique features to spice up your gaming experience. When it comes to in-game purchases, for example, utility and upgrades, Blik’s got your back. Whether you are buying your favourite gaming console online or at a store, you can always count on Blik.

Blik has managed to ease transactions in Poland by understanding the needs of the Poles. It has become an irreplaceable part of Polish households, relied upon for every little undertaking. If other payment methods would like to stand a chance in usurping Blik from Poland, they really need to step up. Otherwise, Blik is here to stay!

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