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5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

Increasing your Google rankings is one of the ways of having a successful business. Well, every business needs a very good strategy for its sales to increase every month.

How to Rank Higher On Google In 2020

Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

Studies show that many sales come from a well-ranked business, no matter the nature of the business you have. Besides, having your own business that you run online is a very exciting thing.

It is very exciting that you can create your working hours without any limitations, and you no longer have to report to any senior during the day. You will also need a very good search engine optimization campaign such as the SEO agency Singapore that will help you increase your ranks.

This agency will help you grow your website in less than 90 days, and if you feel unsatisfied, they are ready to do the work for free. Below are some of the ways you should consider to increase your google rankings.

1] Optimize for mobile

Google has been very clear about increasing the performance on every mobile platform more than on desktops. Mobile search volumes exceeded the desktop’s search volumes a while ago, and Google did the same in adjusting. This means that every website is ranked according to their performance on a mobile platform.

This also means that if your websites don’t have a good performance on a mobile, it won’t be ranked high. The best way to solve this is to achieve a good mobile experience with a higher responsive website design.

A highly responsive website will readily adjust to a mobile environment and give you the best experience. The website is also pocket friendly than a normal mobile-friendly portal. Never assume that a website is not worth the investment.

2] Get your links in order

One of the essential ranking factors is the links. It is also one of the most vital aspects of SEO.  Google sees an inbound link as a sign of trust but from a recognized, high authority source. Besides, don’t forget that the external and internal links have a huge impact on increasing your Google rankings.

To polish your link game, you need to fix broken links. Never assume or make a mistake of ignoring any broken link on your website, this can affect the user’s experience. You can also get your links in order by turning all the site mentions into links. This helps in identifying your brand across your website.

3] Increase your site speed.

For you to increase your google rankings, you should optimize your mobile and desktops’ speed. Please do this by continuously observing the speed and always keep on improving it. To measure the performance, use the google page speed.

No single consumer wants to wait for your website to load for more than 15 seconds. This is why it is essential to consider the speed of your website. The seo agency Singapore can make some improvements on your website so that the speed can be more efficient and then increase your google rankings.

Some of these improvements include minimizing the size of the image or even the video file, moving to greater hosting service, and making sure your website is optimized to be used in a mobile.

4] Publish great content

Having great content means you have a reliable communication tool. This shows that you will be able to communicate greatly to a reliable customer or convert a potential one. Great content also allows you to have a visible search engine due to many keywords that will act as the anchor text.

This means that great content has a huge impact on increasing your Google rankings. However, for you to have great content on your website, you need to keep some things in minds such as ensuring that your content doesn’t have any spelling or grammar errors, making sure that you use all of the keywords effectively and efficiently and not forgetting that all of the keywords should be relevant to all of your articles.

5] Update your site oftenly

For you to increase your google rankings, you need to have an active and dynamic website. This is the only way that Google will increase your rankings. You don’t have to go to the extent of introducing a new product to your website; you can introduce blogs and regularly publish the latest topics that are trending.

This is important since it helps your search engines in the long run. This new content that you have introduced in your site can be one of the reasons that will make all of your customers return to your website.


The above are some of the proven ways that require a lot of work and investments for them to work in increasing your Google rankings. Some business owners have worked in these ways and can attest that they are worth investing in and time.

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