Reasons to Choose Caribbean for Your Medicine

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, its coasts and its islands, the Caribbean is gaining popularity among international students aspiring to study medicine offshore. The yachting locales, warm weather and magnificent landscapes make the Caribbean a perfect place to stay and learn. That’s not all.

The Caribbean school of medicine is famous worldwide for its relaxed admission requirements. The road to becoming a doctor is long and challenging, but studying medicine in the Caribbean can slightly lessen your struggles in achieving career goals.

Choose the Caribbean for studying medicine

Let us talk about some significant reasons to choose the Caribbean for studying medicine.

What are the reasons to choose the Caribbean for studying medicine?

There are around 60 medical schools in the Caribbean that offers various medicine programs to students. The Caribbean is also home to several international students from different parts of the world.

According to the statistics published by, about 15 percent of students from the US are studying abroad in the Caribbean. Are you wondering what made the Caribbean a perfect place to pursue medicine? Let’s take a quick look at the major reasons.

Rolling Admission

Many top medical schools in the Caribbean provide a rolling admissions facility to aspirants. With the help of a rolling admission system, aspiring medical students can enroll in a program throughout the year. Generally, Caribbean medical schools accept students around January, May and September.

Easy Acceptance

Gaining admission to a leading medical school in the Caribbean is relatively easier. A medical aspirant with a low or average MCAT score can also make it to a top-ranked university in the Caribbean.

Students with a minimum of 3.2 to 3.5 GPA scores easily get accepted for a medical program in the Caribbean medical schools.

Accredited programs

Some top medical schools in the Caribbean are fully accredited. These medical schools are usually accredited in the US to provide a quality and world-class education to students.

The accreditation also allows students to get a transfer from Caribbean medical schools to the US. Caribbean medical students can also practice residency in the US if they have earned an accredited degree.

Clinical rotations in the US

Medical aspirants also prefer studying medicine in the Caribbean, as many medical schools offer clinical rotations in the US or Canada. The clinical rotations are provided to the students in the third and fourth-year.

Students who do a clinical rotation in the US or Canada are given preference when applying for residency there.

Less Competitive

Securing admission in a top Caribbean medical school is way easier than studying medicine in the US or Canada.

According to the prospective doctor website, only 19,517 out of 45,266 medical aspirants were admitted to medical schools in the US in 2012. At the same time, medical schools in the Caribbean provide a second chance to students who didn’t make it to any medical schools in the US or Canada.

Apart from this, several reasons can encourage you to study medicine in the Caribbean. Explore the websites of top medical schools in the Caribbean to make a well-informed decision.

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