A Great Guide On Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire is a classic card game with simple and easy-to-understand rules. This game is not only entertaining, but it also exercises one’s mind. As the rules are simple, you can easily learn them and practice the game a few times to become a pro.

If you are new to the game and are wondering how to play Solitaire, you have come to the right place. We have discussed the rules and gameplay that you can read to understand this game.

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Guide On Solitaire Card Game

Setting Up Solitaire

The only crucial and tricky part of the Solitaire game is setting it up. But once you have understood it, you can easily set up your game and start playing in no time.

To set up and play Solitaire, you first need to shuffle the cards. Then spread them across the table. Talon, tableau, foundation piles, and stock are the four main foundation piles where you can deal your cards.

Talon piles are referred to as waste cards. These cards have no place in the tableau or foundation. Foundation piles in the Solitaire game are the four piles for four suits. It starts with Ace and goes up to the King.

Similarly, the tableau is the main playing area. It has seven card piles. Lastly, the stock is a set of cards not used to create a tableau. The foundation and talon piles do not have any cards at the start of the game.

Here are the steps to set up a tableau:

  • Start by placing a face-up card in the first pile. The following six piles should have a face-down card.
  • Then, keep a face-up card in the second pile, and the next five piles should have face-down cards.
  • You can place a face-up card in the third pile, followed by four face-down cards.

Follow this pattern until you have completed the setup. Remember that the seventh pile of the setup will have 6 cards with one card facing up and down, respectively.

After you have completed this setup, place the extra cards in a face-down manner above the tableau. Once done, you are ready to play Solitaire with your friends or family.


In the classic Solitaire game, you can move the playing cards in three ways. You can play cards of a different color on the top of the card that is a number higher. Or you can play cards on the foundation piles.

Keep in mind that foundation piles always start with Ace in every suit, and then the rest of the card follows. Finally, the pile ends at the King.

The last way to move a card is by revealing a card from the deck. You can keep the gameplay easy by revealing one card at a time or make it challenging by revealing every third card.

Throughout the game, you can use these three ways to move the cards until all cards go to the foundation piles. This way, you will win the game.

Game Rules of Solitaire

After moving any face-up cards, the face-down cards under them are revealed. You can use these cards further in the game.

When you have moved all the cards of a pile elsewhere, then only the King can be moved to the open space. You can further add cards in descending order but in opposite colors.

As long as you follow the rules above, you can move the card of a foundation pile back into any of the seven piles.

Strategy to Play Solitaire Game

When you play Solitaire game, remember these things:

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is important in Solitaire to win the game. You might lose if you start playing a game of Solitaire without any strategy.

With strategic thinking, you can create a winning game strategy that reduces your risk of losing. Also, having a strategy allows you to move the game as per your choice.

Aim for Bigger

The best way to score higher in Solitaire is by aiming for higher piles. In addition, you need to focus on the King. Remember that only the King can be moved to the open space. So, if you do not have a King, don’t pull out a card and empty the spot.

Versions of Solitaire Game

Here are some common versions of Solitaire games:

  • Spider Solitaire: It’s a fun and challenging version of the basic Solitaire game. To play this version, you need two decks of cards and 10 tableau piles. All the cards must be arranged in descending order in a similar suit. It starts with King and runs down to Ace.
  • Forty Thieves: This game requires double the cards used in Spider Solitaire. It also has 10 tableau piles with four cards in each. The players must build the tableau descending from King to Ace of all similar suits.
  • FreeCell: Free cell solitaire is another version of the Solitaire game that requires 52 decks of cards with 8 tableaus. The first and last pile has 7 and 6 cards in a face-up manner. Players can only move one card in a single move. It makes the game a little time-consuming.


You only win the Solitaire games when you have placed all the cards in the correct order into the foundation piles. But if you enter a situation where you cannot make any moves with the remaining cards, you will lose.

Play the fun Solitaire game to fight boredom and train your mind. Once you have understood the game rules, you can easily play it for hours for entertainment and relaxation.

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