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Things You Didn’t Know A Home Warranty Can Cover

If this is the first time that you are looking forward to shopping for a home warranty, it’s true that you’ll have a lot to take in.

Even if you’ve had several different homes and home warranties, you still might not be able to see all the advantages and perks until you decide to step back a little and see all the things clearly that define whether or not you are getting what you want.

Home Warranty

In most cases, if you look properly, your home warranty will cover exactly all the things that you want the coverage for. One of the most obvious things is that you’d need appliance cover because your home appliances like the dishwasher, the garbage disposal, and the washing machine, etc are the things that you’d want immediately fixed if broken.

But down the line, you’ll realize that there are a lot more things that you’d want the coverage for other than just the standard appliances that you use on a daily basis.

However, the good thing is that with the right plan, there are several things that a home warranty can cover for you.

Some of them are.

1] Your roof

Believe it or not, if you’ve never had the need to repair your roof yet, you are lucky. However, you should be prepared for the time when you’ll have to get your roof replaced or repaired, and well, it does cost a lot.

Speaking of which, one of the most common causes for claims submitted by the homeowners if that of water damage. This isn’t the kind of coverage that you get with your insurance plans. But, if your home roof is leaking and you want to get it repaired, your home warranty will cover it for you.

2] The pool

Three systems of your pool can be covered when you buy the right home warranty plan. Those systems include the pumping system, the heating system, and the cooling system.

If you have an in-ground pool or some sort of a spa, you’d need a home warranty plan to help you repair it if something goes wrong with the main systems on which your pool operates.

3] The lawn sprinkler system

A lot of people don’t consider the lawn sprinkler system when they are choosing a home warranty plan, but as said earlier, you have to be ready for such issues, which is why even the sprinkler system matters.

With the right kind of warranty plan, any mechanical issue with your sprinkler system can be fixed without any hassle.

4] The well pump

If the primary water source of your house is well, you should be prepared all the time to fix if something has to be repaired about it.

In this case, you of course, rely on a mechanical system that brings and pumps the water from the well to your house. This is the reason why you should look for a home warranty that can cover all the components of such a type of well.

5] The ductwork

Last but not the least, your home’s ductwork is something your home warranty will cover.

With this additional coverage, all the issues with the points of attachment with your register or grill can be fixed. This is important if you’ve got ducts that connect straight away to your cooling and heating unit.


These are the five things that most people don’t know that their home warranty can cover. Again, it’s all about choosing a home warranty that’s transparent and affordable.

So the next time you shop for it, make sure to consider these five things as your warranty should give coverage to you for these.

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