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8 Ultimate Tips to Help You Heal After A Painful Breakup

Relationships might not always work the way you wish for. Instead of the constant butterfly in your belly, love can sometimes bring deep emotional wounds and trauma. However, regardless of the challenges you face in your love life, it’s important to strive for contentment and happiness.

Finding genuine happiness amid heartache and disappointment may not be easy, but it’s not impossible. Below are several tips that we’ve curated to help you find happiness, even when your love story is far from perfect. These strategies can also empower you to maintain your happiness, even in the face of a broken heart.

Tips to Help You Heal After A Painful Breakup

Accept the Reality

Start by accepting the fact that your love life is not doing well. Admit and don’t be ashamed of it all. The more you try to cover up what happened, and deny the reality, this will only fester your wound and make you even more heartbroken and disappointed. One of the keys to happiness is to accept everything that has happened with an open heart.

Validate Your Feelings

All the emotions you’re experiencing, even if they taste bitter and unpleasant, should be acknowledged and allowed to run their course. There’s no need to resent yourself for feeling down. Permit yourself to experience the full range of emotions within you. By doing so, you can ultimately rediscover self-love more profoundly.

Forgive Sincerely

Learn to sincerely accept all circumstances that already happen in your life. Forgive the one who has hurt and wound you. By forgiving him sincerely from the bottom of your heart, you will feel much calmer and happier. This can also help you to be able to forget your ex-lover completely and with ease.

Busy Yourself with Positive Things

So that you forget about your painful love life, you should try to busy yourself with various positive and fun things. Remember that your happiness is your responsibility. You might feel hurt and broken after a painful love journey, but you can get your happiness back if you want to.

Believe that you can create and build a life full of happiness for yourself. Instead of wallowing in misery, you can engage yourself in a variety of fun activities, such as pursuing a hobby, trying to learn new things, volunteering, and even going for solo travel!

Spend Time with Loved One

Spend your time with your loved one, be it your family or friends. It will be better if you don’t spend your time alone after a painful breakup. Being alone tends to make one feel sadder, the more often you are alone, the harder it will be for you to heal the wounds in your heart. Aside from dodging loneliness, spending time with loved ones can also soothe your pain and make you feel happier.

Entertain Yourself

Engage in activities that bring you comfort and joy. Avoid self-harm and refrain from projecting your sadness onto others. Practicing self-love is the ultimate thing you can do to entertain yourself. For example, instead of wallowing in sadness or being ashamed of your failed relationship, it is better if you can try to improve yourself for the better. You can invest more in yourself by shopping for beauty products and fashionable outfits or attending courses to improve your skills. Do everything that can help you feel better about yourself.

Be Hopeful

The bitter experience of a failed relationship is not pleasant to remember or acknowledge. Not to mention, forgetting someone who used to occupy the most special space in the heart is not easy. However, it doesn’t mean your life will be gloomy forever. Instead of becoming cynical toward love or life in general, it is best if you can look ahead with positivity instead. Be hopeful that this is just the beginning for you to achieve many good things in life moving forward.

Understand That You Still Have a Long Journey Ahead

Remind yourself that your future stretches out ahead of you. Thus, it would be unfortunate to spend your time dwelling on sadness and disappointment caused by a failed relationship. There are still countless opportunities for happiness waiting for you. Embrace the possibility and let go of love that didn’t work out. Be assured that a more beautiful love awaits you in the future.

There are many things you can do to heal yourself, even though your love life is not doing well. Prioritizing your feelings and happiness is the ultimate way to regain your life, even when getting out of the slum can feel so hard.

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