Why You Should Use Technology to Aid People Management

From aiding continuous learning to staying safe from fraud; there are many benefits to digitising your people management processes. Here are just some of the reasons why you should use technology to gain the upper hand when you’re managing people.

People Management

1] Technology can inspire and motivate

From collaboration tools to cloud-based sharing platforms, technology can be used to improve employee motivation by making the working environment better.

Whether you’re using Dropbox to share drafts of work, using Slack to discuss marketing strategy ideas or storing projects on Google Drive, software can be used to speed up processes and inspire creativity. This can create a forward-thinking learning environment where everyone can learn from their mistakes and improve their skills.

2] Manage your payroll effectively

Failing to pay your staff properly is bound to cause people management problems. It can be tough to keep on top of your payroll – especially if you’ve got a big workforce.

Accounting software can help you to keep on top of your payments to ensure this runs smoothly – and that it’s easier to accurately calculate your pay. Effective management also involves security – and it’s your responsibility to look after your employees’ important data.

That means everything from security software to safe paperwork to combat the potential of fraud with your payments. Safe and efficient payment systems underpin effective people management.

3] It makes life easier

Using technology as an aid in people management can make processes simpler and more transparent – and online management platforms such as People HR, Workday or BambooHR are common platforms to provide this.

makes life easier

By making logging holidays and sickness a simple self-service system – with no complicated forms – and storing important performance-related goals in a central location, everyone can be clear about where they stand and avoid chopping down trees galore in the process.

4] But, technology should be used in moderation

However, it’s worth pointing out that there is a debate about how transparency in modern business culture might have made our workforce less trusting and more guarded. There needs to be an element of sensitivity, therefore, about how data is presented and handled.

That sensitivity is also important when it comes to technology used to monitor performance – you don’t want employees to feel like they are under surveillance – and automation, which could speed up processes but might also mean people losing their jobs if they aren’t re-skilled.

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