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10 Brands of Sanitizer-Hand Wash Available in India

With the current pandemic situation that we’re living in and with the spread of the virus, safety and hygiene has become one of the most important parts of our life. In order to contain the spread of the deadly virus that already took the lives of millions of people all over the world, hand sanitizing is extremely important. In fact hand sanitizers have already become a part and parcel of our modern lifestyle and they are being used everywhere from holiday trips to washbasins.

Best Brands of Sanitizer-Hand Wash

Popular Sanitizer Hand Wash

Although Indians love to use hand wash liquids, the use of sanitizers has become unavoidable during the COVID-19 pandemic. The advantage of sanitizer over hand wash is that they are faster acting, more powerful and travel-friendly. They can be used without water. Here are the best Indian brands of sanitizers that you can use.


This has to be listed at the top as Sterillium hand sanitizers have the highest skin tolerability and it provides maximum safety to protect you from all kinds of viruses and germs, including the Coronavirus. This is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and is used by doctors in surgical hand disinfection within just 30 seconds. These hand sanitizers are just ready-to-use and they are one of the best as long rub-in-hand disinfectants are concerned. Thanks to their skin-friendly composition, this brand hand sanitizers are preferred by millions of people.


Savlon hand sanitizers are manufactured by the giant company, ITC and though they were already there, currently they are powered by a new formula that is able to offer advanced and maximum protection against germs. Savlon hand sanitizer is highly effective in killing fungi and bacteria. Savlon hand sanitizers have proven to be immensely helpful for the frontline workers like the doctors, nurses who are working in the healthcare field. They are available in 500ml pump pack and a refill pack of 500ml.


Dettol instant hand sanitizers have been in the market for a very long time now and they are responsible for killing 99.99% of the germs and all types of bacteria without the use of water. The hand sanitizers that are manufactured from Dettol provide you with the best on-the-go protection from germs, that too without the usage of water. Dettol hand sanitizers are exceptionally popular due to their non-sticky and rinse-free nature. They are available in a pack of 25ml, 50ml and 200ml.


Lifebuoy hand sanitizer are usually enriched with Vitamin E and skin-friendly moisturizers that are too gentle on human skin. One you apply these hand sanitizers, you can ensure that your hands remain not only germ-free but also smooth. Hand sanitizers that are manufactured by Lifebuoy are available in the gel form and they provide you protection against viruses and germs. They are also extremely portable and hence widely used by travellers and office goers without any problem.


Godrej protekt hand sanitizers are usually gel-based and they are also highly effective in eliminating viruses and germs without the usage of water and soap. This specific hand sanitizer is made up of 60% alcohol and it not just protects your hands from bacteria but it also leaves a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance. The best thing about Godrej protekt is that it has glycerine added to it and hence it offers a skin-friendly germ protection to both you and to your family.


Dabur is a company that has always been revered for its honey and chawanprash. But now that we’re living in a pandemic state where safety and hygiene has become extremely important, Dabur hand sanitizers have also entered the market and become popular. It comes in 3 fragrances, lemon, strawberry and regular. It is one of the most trusted Ayurvedic brands in India and is famous among metro cities. Dabur hand sanitizer is a rinse-free and non-sticky sanitizer that comes in 500ml packs.


If you haven’t heard about Corvil hand sanitizers, you should know that they are not just organic but also anti-bacterial. These hand sanitizers have 70% of alcohol content and they are extremely useful in killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria and germs including Coronavirus. This is a gel-based hand sanitizer that has need and aloevera ingredients to make sure your hands are not just germ-free but also moisturized.


Trust liquid hand sanitizers and disinfectants are made up of 80% alcohol and 1.45% glycerol that prevent the alcohol from evaporating fast. This is an eco-friendly hand sanitizer and it is immensely effective in destroying 99.99% germs and bacteria. You can be sure that Trust hand sanitizers will also kill Coronavirus in case you come in contact with it.


Multani hand sanitizers are made of ayurvedic solutions. Hand sanitizers are made of ayurvedic solution. Hand sanitizers from Multani are gel-based and they are highly effective in fighting different types of bacteria and viruses. This is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that should be kept away from fire as it may all of a sudden catch fire. Hand sanitizers from Multani contain ethyl alcohol, glycerine and neem.

DCM Shriram

DCM Shriram hand sanitizers are probably the best suited to offer protection against germs, bacteria and diseases. Hand sanitizers that come from DCM Shriram are based on ethyl alcohol and they claim to be pretty effective in killing 99.99% germs.

FDA and CDC – What do they have to say on hand sanitizers?

According to the FDA, consumers should continue using hand sanitizer products with enough confidence as this regulatory process keeps moving forward. They also claim to ensure that the products remain available always so that people can keep their hands and homes clean and safe from the Coronavirus.

The CDC or Center of Disease Control says that practicing hygiene is one of the most effective way of preventing various types of infections. We have to continue using healthcare products that are recommended by the doctors and healthcare professionals. Offices have seen a 25% reduction of absenteeism after they placed hand sanitizer dispensers for proper safety of the employees.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is thinking of investing your money in a hand sanitizer, you should choose any one from the list mentioned above.

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