Casino Or Sports Betting – Which of the Two Is Actually More Profitable?

Gambling is the oldest known form of entertainment and it wasn’t always about the financial profit at the end. It is the gamble itself, the ego high you get once you win, you have won the battle against luck.

Nowadays, however, apart from the fun that gambling is in itself, there is also some serious money to be won.

Which Is Profitable – Casino Or Sports Betting!

Casino Or Sports Betting

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Today, most people who enjoy gambling choose to play online, where it is not only more convenient, but also safer and the variety of games offered is much greater. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different games to play at an online casino but the main distinction comes between casino games and sports betting.

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The main difference between playing casino and betting on sports, is that the latter involves a lot more use of skill and knowledge, which makes your guess on the outcome a lot more likely to be true.

An example: if you play a slot game, the way the reels will line up is absolutely random,meaning the only thing standing between you and that nice win is luck.

When betting on sports, let’s say you have been following Italian football since you were a kid and you have a favourite team and know exactly what they’re capable of in their current line up, you know who is benched and who is playing – your prediction on the outcome would not only based on luck.

Your prediction would be based on actual real-life factors meaning  you have a much higher chance of winning this bet than the bet you make on the slot machine.

Let’s break things down further.

In general when speaking about gambling, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. It is safe to say that, overall, betting on sports brings safer profits than playing casino but it doesn’t necessarily mean BIGGER profits.

If you stick to safe bets, such as which team wins the game, most often the reward won’t really be so exciting. If you’re betting on a team which clearly holds the upper hand you have a big chance to win the bet, but the odds you make the bet at will not be exceptional.

Remember, that the odds you make the bet at are defined by gambling experts who put all factors on the table and set the odds towards the most likely outcome.

An example: if you bet on which team wins a sports game, the chances are 50/50, right? But let’s say you choose to make a much more specific bet: one of the players of one of the teams will score in the 22nd minute? Now, the odds of this happening are definitely much lower than 50/50. More like 100/1.

When it comes to casino, things are a little different. Unlike betting on sports, spinning the roulette wheel or playing slots has only to do with luck and no skill or knowledge can help you secure a bet.

This is not entirely true for poker and blackjack, however. These two games are examples of games which require skill, especially poker.

You can implement different betting strategies (some of which very popular, for example – even non gamblers would have heard about the Martingale strategy) as well as decide on which of their turns to bet high and when to hold off.

Similar to making a safer bet on sports, playing casino games which involve some level of skill, means you have a higher chance of making a profit but that profit is often not one which can allow you to treat yourself to a vacation abroad.

The highest, most impressive wins definitely go to slots player but it is important to mention how rarely those come along. If you ask a regular slots player, they will definitely have a few of those awesome wins to brag about but in the long run, they would still probably be either at a loss, with a small profit, but most often at breakeven.

To summarize 

The safer bets you make, the higher the chance to secure a profit. Making bets with small stakes on either games which require both skill and luck in the casino (like blackjack) or betting on sports on likely-to-happen outcomes would give you exactly that – much higher possibility to secure a win, however, most often with a small return.

With slot games, especially slot games with big jackpots (look a designated section in your favorite casino to find only games offering jackpots), the higher the reward. The odds of striking a big win the slot machines, however, is a lot less likely to happen unless you play regularly and with high stakes.

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