Cosmetic Software By Coptis: A Solution for Cosmetic Formulation

Cosmetic formulation is a complicated process, which is why making it more straightforward has long been one of the industry’s most pressing goals. Cosmetic laboratories are required to abide by a number of constraints and, before its distribution, a product undergoes very strict steps to ensure its innocuousness and compliance.

How to Facilitate the Formulation of Cosmetics?

In addition, manufacturers themselves carry out extensive planning and research to assess the feasibility of their project and the return on investment they should expect. Fortunately, cosmetic software provides a concrete answer to all these issues. Here is how the solutions developed by Coptis simplify the formulation of cosmetics.

A Solution for Cosmetic Formulation

Real-Time Follow Up of Cosmetic Formulation Projects

One of the first ways to streamline the cosmetic manufacturing process is to make certain no aspect of it is left unchecked.

Cosmetic formulation software as designed by Coptis targets the development stage by offering an extensive project library and correlating it with a database of raw materials updated in real time. The R&D teams can use this feature to determine the direction in which they want the project to go.

Risk Control

Coptis’s cosmetic software solution provides a sub-level formula management function and expanded view of the formula to the ingredient level. In addition, chemists have access to a real-time display of regulatory restrictions and blacklists to aid them in the cosmetic formulation process.

Every raw material in existence is listed and the program is able to automatically determine the recommended concentration for each ingredient and the compliance of the end formula based on customisable standards. Technicians receive an alert if their formula fails to meet the requirements.

Savings on Development Costs

Because cosmetic software simplifies the development process and makes it easier to keep up with, this translates into significant savings.

Every step the program automates prevents the staff from taking time away from their primary tasks. And because project feasibility assessments are done faster, more can potentially be carried out, giving cosmetic manufacturers the opportunity to truly refine their decisions.

Reactivity, Traceability, and Compliance

Using cosmetic software is an excellent way to keep track of every aspect of the cosmetic formulation process as it allows for extensive records to be kept.

These records make all relevant information available in real time, solving any reactivity issues that could otherwise exist. As soon as an actor requires a document, they can find its updated version with no effort.

This data is produced as the project moves forward and can be used to generate administrative documents such as the Product Information File, ingredients list, formula registration form, etc.

Information Sharing

Cosmetic formulation engages many individuals with very different roles, all of whom have to stay abreast of how the project is progressing. Cosmetic software centralises the data and gives every team member involved the possibility to update their co-workers, suppliers, and other participants automatically every time they make changes to a document.

Access Security and Customisation

Naturally, just because cosmetic software simplifies data access does not mean that sensitive information is any less safe, quite the contrary.

The computer program makes it possible to control and record every access and admin privileges can be granted or revoked as needed. Every user can be given access to as much or as little data as required thanks to a fully customisable solution.


None of these features would be of much use if the solution were not compatible with existing systems. This is why the modules are designed to be integrated within fully functional systems to facilitate their implementation.

This allows professionals in the cosmetic industry to get used to their new software gradually as they learn to rely on its functionalities more and more for their everyday needs.

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