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How Digital Technology Has Impacted and Transformed the Gambling and Sports Betting Industry

The way digital technologies have evolved over the past two decades, they have completely transformed the gambling and sports betting industry world-over.

Mobile gambling today accounts for almost 1/3 of all the money that is bet at the global level. It is estimated that digital technologies will contribute over half of all the gambling and sports betting revenue by the year 2020.

Gambling and Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting industry in particular has always been very quick in utilising the benefits offered by digital technology, in order to expand its horizons. In fact all the best betting sites that we see today make the most of digital technologies, to offer optimum services to their clients.

The betting industry has also grown exponentially since 1996, resulting in a widespread change in people’s perception of this activity, with a large majority now viewing it as one of the main leisure activities, rather than something evil.

Early days

It was bingo and poker which were quickest in using digital technology during its early days. As both these entertainment mediums were already popular in the off-line setting, they were easy to replicate in the digital environments.

Availability of Internet to the masses took bingo and poker to a new high in terms of popularity, as people could enjoy these at any time of the day or night, and could also play them with very low stakes.

The growth in the broadband and online security technologies

Later on, with tech companies starting to offer widespread and reliable broadband connectivity, the gambling industry also started rolling out high-end online casino and sports betting experiences for their customers.

Just like in case of various industries which took their businesses to the Internet, it was very important for gambling and sports betting industry to also build trust among its clients. That’s the reason why they invested considerable sums of money into creation of secure websites, as their integrity, reputation and success depended on it.

The constantly growing awareness around the extreme security levels offered by most gambling and sports betting portals, more and more people showed willingness to play at these platforms over a period of time.

Mobile gambling and betting

Mobile tech has played a significant role in helping online sports betting go mainstream. With this technology, all aspects of the gambling and sports betting industry got revolutionised, right from in-play sports betting to casual online slot players.

Mobile gambling and betting

Anyone could play these games at any time of day or night, from any place in the world. It is estimated that by 2025 almost 1/3 of the entire world will use only their mobile phones to connect to internet. The constantly improving performance of smart phones, combined with better Internet connectivity fuelled the growth of mobile gambling and betting.

These platforms also invented innovative marketing methods to attract more number of players. In fact, the popularity of free and real money betting through mobile devices has doubled each year since 2011. It’s a global trend, with the Eastern European and South American countries showing the fastest growth rates.

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