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DU Battery Saver: Most Popular App to Optimize Battery Life

Smartphones with extraordinary cool features, apps and games is so cool that you just can’t hold yourself from using it all the time and because of fast moving technology, new productive apps keep coming which is now also contribute in making our real life work simple. But there is a major problem in these smartphones and that’s its battery charge never lasts for long which frustrate most of us.

DU Battery Saver App to Optimize Battery Life

DU Battery Saver Mobile App

DU Battery Saver

What causes the fast consumption of the battery in your smartphone has many factors, and based on those factors there is a very popular app in the market called DU Battery Saver which saves your smartphone battery consumption. Most probably you might already know about it and how helpful it is in saving your device battery consumption for long lasting battery life.

But for those who do not know about it and want to know how good it is, here is the review for you on DU Batter Saver.

DU Battery Saver Android Mobile App

DU Battery Saver App

What is DU Battery Saver?

DU Battery Saver is just like DU Speed Booster app developed by DU group and this android application saves the battery of your smartphone by up to 50% which can keep your battery last longer. Using DU battery saver’s awesome battery power manager, it’s easy to extend your smartphone’s battery life by improving its battery problems.

Why DU Battery Saver & Battery Charger

DU Battery Saver is must have app because of three main reasons below:

1. Battery Saver & Smart Pre-set Modes

Easy home screen “optimize” button and battery cooler cools down the CPU by closing down any battery heating apps and boost the battery life.

You can select or customize your mode to save your android smartphone’s battery by limiting the usage of battery.

2. Charging Manager

You can keep the track of your battery usage and control the usage of it for long lasting battery life using DU battery saver.

3. Smart & Accurate Status

DU battery saver has smart technology that helps you to know the battery charging time you have left of your android device and with the details of complete battery consumptionof your battery by android apps and hardware.

DU Battery Saver Review

Let’s install the app from here and I’ll go through its interface and explain you all about its features:

1. So, this is how the dashboard of DU battery Saver looks like. There is a battery showing the percentage of battery and time left. Below which there is an “Optimize Button” which is for to optimize your battery usage, in the middle it shows temperature, voltage and technology of your battery.

DU Battery Saver App Review

DU Battery Saver Review

2. Below of the home screen there are five icons which are as follows:

(a) Battery:

It is a default selected option on the dashboard with the features I’ve already mentioned above in point 1.

(b) Saver:

In the saver tab we have two saver’s category with different options, first Saver Mode, and second Smart Saver.

DU Battery Saver App Pro

DU Battery Saver Pro

In the Mode category, you have options like “Prolong Mode” which hold calls and messages as well as close Wi-Fi, “General Mode” is simply for an enabled call and messages in your smartphone. “Sleep Mode” holds clock, calls, and messages whereas “Night Out” can be edited and you can save it according to your custom settings. Using “Full Mode” you can have the full control over the way of setting you want, this is pretty awesome.

About the Smart category, It’s a pro section of DU battery saver where some option is premium for instance Screen Lock Auto-Clear is premium which offers functionality that auto clear your running or background apps when the screen is locked.

Likewise is Auto-Clear Apps. Some of the FREE forever setting options is also there like Advanced Saving which stops stealthy power consumption’s, Notification Saving which I found helpful because this option stops the apps that consumes so much battery power pushing notifications in your notification bar,and other options like Screensaver etc.

(c) Toolbox:

This contains some free and premium apps by DU Group you may like and want to install.

(d) Charge:

This option will show you the time left of your android smartphone’s battery charge.

(e) Monitor:

In this icon you can monitor Apps and Hardware of your device. In Apps tab you can check the running android applications in your smartphone by the percentage of its usage and you can stop it from right there in just one touch while in the Hardware tab you can monitor the percentage of energy usage by your android device CPU, Screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Radio and Sensor is using.

DU Battery Saver App Monitor

DU Battery Saver Monitor

DU Battery Saver Features

DU Battery Saver features are as follows:

1. Phone Cooler:

It has “Cool Down” feature that disable CPU-intensive android applications which reduce phone temperature to protect your hardware and better battery life.

2. One-Touch Optimization:

It is as fast as checking problem that consuming your battery so much and optimizes your android device energy saving with one touch.

3. Optimization Home-Screen Widget:

You can also manage phone hardware and background apps battery consumption easily and instantly anytime with the smart home-screen widget.

4. Accurate Details:

It shows the accurate details of your android phone battery usage and power level by percentage or time remaining (see how much battery charge you’ve left) with a complete analysis of your Android apps and hardware.

5. Smart Pre-set & Customizable Battery Saving Modes:

You can set your battery saving modes according to your Android device and application usage that best fits your battery usage.

6. Healthy Charge Manager:

Keep the track and details you Android smartphone battery usage and manage accordingly to implement healthy charging practices in several stages that help your device battery to work best.

DU Battery Saver Rating

Just like DU Speed Booster it’s also a very popular must-have app with the total impressive downloads of 7,946,671 and 4.5 stars rating by DU battery saver users.

Because of its popularity and effective working application, it was also featured on Yahoo Finance which you can check here.


DU Battery Saver is very effective and best-proved battery saver android app with very high downloads and excellent review. From what I have seen and experienced about my smartphone’s battery after using this application, I can say that it’s really helpful in doubling your battery charge time-left.

I recommend you to go and install it from Google Play store here and you won’t be disappointed. Comment below if you have any doubts or want to share any other android device battery saver which you think is also good. 😀

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