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3 Ways Event Apps Can Make Your Conference a Success

Whether for business or casual purposes, planning a conference can be time consuming – especially when guests are arriving from distant cities. While many companies attempt to use basic email scheduling platforms to keep everyone organized, this will not be effective if spam filters block your invitations. These email features also lack the higher-level functionality of conference-scheduling event apps.

Event Apps Can Make Your Conference a Success

Event Apps Can Make Your Conference a Success

Event Apps Can Make Your Conference a Success

Now that 90 percent of American adults own cell phones, according to a Pew Research Center, event apps have become the go-to method of scheduling conferences. Even TIME magazine pointed out that 6 billion people have access to cell phones, which is greater than the population that has access to a toilet.

There are countless apps that have meeting options, including simple ones like Google Calendar. But if you want detailed agendas, networking features and driving directions, then you should opt for a more advanced conference app.

In addition to scheduling features, conference apps offer the opportunity for the host to gain more revenue from event sponsors. They have options for sponsor plugs, which every conference attendant will see when viewing the invitation.

If you want to get the most out of your conference-scheduling app, keep the following three tips in mind:

1. Add Directions Manually

Instead of forcing invitees to find their own way to your conference, add directions to the invitation manually. GPS devices can malfunction, or the signal may die, and finding lesser-known locations can be a nightmare even with a GPS. Manually entering directions to your event will give your attendees a Plan B in the worst-case scenario.

2. Make Sure Your Conference Invitation Endorses the Sponsor

If you have an event sponsor, it is important to make sure their investment was worth the expense. You can do this by testing the invitation and advertisement on several devices to make sure the promotion is easily noticeable.

While large-scale events almost always have sponsorship, companies that host online webinars are starting to take advantage of this revenue stream. While an event app may seem like overkill for these events, the app’s ability to promote sponsors is often enough incentive to use conference applications to organize webinars.

3. Triple-Check All Times and Dates

One of the perks of using event apps is that you can change the dates and times in a matter of seconds. However, many cell phone users do not check for updates regularly, so if you change the event schedule, they may not notice until it is too late. You can avoid this issue by confirming all dates and times are correct before sending the invitations.

Whether you only invite employees to your conference, or you reach out to thousands of industry figures across the nation, an event app will help you stay organized. These three steps will ensure your gathering is a success for everyone involved – from the event hosts to the attendees and even the sponsors.

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