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Kubota L2350 Compact Utility Tractor is fitted with a Kubota diesel 3-chamber fluid-cooled 68 ci [1.1 L] motor, which produces 25 hp [18.6 kW] power at evaluated rpm 2500.

Kubota L2350 Compact Utility Tractor was included with a Kubota 1.1L 3-cyl diesel motor, 8 forward and 2 converse, 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD, Power controlling, wet plate brakes, and 1433 lbs [650 kg] Rear lift.

Kubota L2350 Tractor – All Information Kubota L2350 Tractor

Kubota L2350

Kubota L2350 Compact Utility Tractor connections incorporate Kubota LB400 and Kubota LA450S front-end loader.

Presently, we should figure out the Kubota L2350 Tractor HP, Price, Specs, Review, Features, and Images, and that’s just the beginning. I trust it will be helpful to you.

There are numerous Kubota L2350 specs to consider while looking for the right one for your business. Here you will track down the cost, lifting limit, surveys, and other significant data.

Kubota L2350 is a strong tough, flexible farm vehicle. L2350 Kubota is additionally agreeable and dependable, which makes it simple and amusing to use on any work. It flaunts a better-skewed cap and adjusted plan for improved perceivability, as well as a strong motor to deal with extreme errands.

Kubota L2350 Specs

Accessible in two choices, the Kubota L2350F or the L2350DT, the two of which can deal with any undertaking you toss at them and get you there in one piece. The L2350 farm vehicle is an intriguing two-haggle wheel drive model with a 3-point hitch and PTO limit of 20 hp (15 kW) and assessed force of 25 hp (18 kW). It weighs roughly 2200 lbs, has a wheelbase of 60 inches, a 7-gallon water-powered framework limit, and a fuel limit of 8 gallons.

Brand Kubota
Model Kubota L2350
Type Utility tractor
Series L50 series
Years Made 1991-1998
Model – 2WD L2350F
Model – 4WD L2350DT (D1102-AE-2)

Kubota L2350 Engine Specs

Brand Kubota
Model D1102-AE (2WD) / D1102-AE-2 (4WD)
Type Diesel V, four-stroke, water-cooled
No. of Cylinders 3
Rated Speed 2800 RPM
Max. Torque 1300 To 1500 RPM
Max. Bare Speed 3000 RPM
Min. Bare Speed 800 RPM
Combustion Spherical type (E-TVCS)
Injection Pump Bosch K type mini pump
Injection Nozzle DN 12 SD 12
Direction of Rotation Counter-clockwise from the flywheel side
Governor Centrifugal ball mechanical
Cooling System Pressurized radiator
Compression Ratio 21
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Starter 12V electric
Fuel Diesel fuel No.2-D

Engine Weight

Weight US Metric
Engine Weight (Dry) 322 lbs 146 kg

Power Take-Off (PTO)

PTO Power 540 to 2430 RPM
PTO Control Manual
PTO Type Live independent
Direction of Turning Clockwise, viewed from tractor’s rear
Rear PTO SAE 1-3/8 6 Splines

Kubota L2350

The Kubota L2350 on the off chance that a minimal utility tractor, was first made in roughly 1991, and made all through the 90s until 1998/9.

It demonstrated a tremendously famous tractor, far somewhat revolutionary as far as the norms it set for an expert rural tractor. Very affordable for now is the right time, embracing the most recent in present-day motor innovation.

The Kubota L2350 could do the most requesting errands in a wide range of various homestead workplaces, in extreme field conditions, and simultaneously ready to do little tasks and versatile for a wide range of accuracy cultivating.

The plan of the Kubota L2350 explicitly designated its capacities, to permit it to give the most extreme productivity in every working condition, with the least conceivable fuel utilization.

It was one of the first truly administration cordial horticultural farm vehicles to come to market, and there are a critical number of utilized and recycled models still accessible, though presently genuinely maturing.

Kubota L2350 Specs

The Kubota L2350 was fabricated with two choices, the L2350F being two-wheel drive, and the L2350DT being a four-wheel-drive.

Both had the standard Kubota diesel three-chamber fluid cooled motor to control them, with a fuel limit of just shy of 8 gallons and a water-driven framework limit of a little more than 7 gallons.

The Kubota L2350as is an uncommon sort 3 point in every framework, with a pragmatist of simply over 1400lbs.

The wheelbase is a little more than 60 inches, and the Kubota L2350 weighs roughly 2200lbs. The force of the motor is assessed at around 25 hp, and the assessed PTO power is roughly 20 hp.

Both the two-wheel drive and a four-wheel drive have a power directing framework fitted, a wet plate stopping mechanism and the lodge is a two-post ROPS.

Kubota L2350 at deal/costs

There are a critical number of these tractors ready to move, both on the web and to private people and a few showrooms. To act as an illustration of value these are a portion of the Kubota L2350 available to be purchased on in October 2020.

One with 700 hours available to be purchased at US dollars 6000, one with 1490 hours, four-wheel-drive for deal at US dollars 10,000, a 1996 Kubota L2350 with 413 hours available to be purchased at US dollars 8000, and another 1996 Kubota L2350 with 764 hours available to be purchased at US dollars 6000

Kubota L2350 – Craigslist

Many individuals track down craigslist as a decent spot to purchase a ton of utilized items, including tractors. The principal advantage is having the option to look and situate by actual geology. This can make it more straightforward as far as examining the vehicle and taking conveyance of it.

The drawback is that it restricts the decision accessible to explicit geological regions, except if the buyer will travel broadly all through the US, or see conceivable delivery costs all things considered.

The possibly fair warning while purchasing through craigslist or any web-based website is dealt with like purchasing a utilized or recycled vehicle.

Similar standards apply. Check the hours utilized whenever the situation allows, check the sort of work the entertainer has been utilized for, check its administration and upkeep history, and check the kind of land it has been utilized on.

As far as evaluating, this can be harder to gauge yet merits taking a gander at comparative models on the web and looking at bargains in various tractor forums.

Kubota L2350 Attachments

Kubota has a colossal scope of connections that can be utilized on various tractors, and these connections frequently decide the acquisition of the tractor itself.

It merits clear work farm truck is planned to be utilized for prior to concluding which connection is generally fitting for it.

With a tractor of this age, it merits checking the explicitness of any connection that it works with it on a farm vehicle this old, whether it could require some change, or whether there is some aftermarket part that sounds more fitting.

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