The Latest Trends In Online Gambling

An estimated 17% of the global population enjoys online gambling on a regular basis. Online gambling is popular for the potential to win big payouts while being safe, fast, and convenient.

In response to growing demand, online gambling software is continually improving in availability, quality, and features to provide players with even more convenient and exciting experiences.

Live dealer games, online bingo, and smartwatch betting, in particular, are some of the latest trends currently revolutionizing the world of online gambling.

Latest Trends In Online Gambling

Live dealer games

Most online gamblers would agree you just can’t beat the atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos complete with special sounds and lighting and, of course, communication with real people. As such, online gambling operators are now striving to offer players a similar sensory experience during virtual games.

For example, live dealer games are becoming increasingly in demand. Just like the name suggests, live dealer games feature real dealers filmed from a remote studio with cameras tracking their hand movements, along with the cards and roulette ball.

Players can therefore watch events in real time as they unfold, and even communicate with the dealer. For example, Live Dealer Roulette, created by Real Life Gaming, lets players see and interact with the dealer while they play.

To play Live Deal Roulette, you simply place your bets in alignment with the roulette rules, before the online casino dealer lets you know which color ball has your winning number. As a bonus, you’ll then also be given all other bets on that color.

The rise of online bingo

Online bingo is now a major gaming trend. In the UK, for example, an estimated 3.5 million people play online bingo – up from a comparatively paltry 1 million players recorded in 2002. Since online bingo is strictly regulated by the Gambling Commision in the UK, players can enjoy fun and fair games with the potential to make big winnings.

888bingo, in particular, is a popular mobile bingo app developed by 888 Holdings Ltd. Run on the Dragonfish network, 888bingo players can enjoy using the network’s chat rooms to interact with each other as they play.

Players can choose between 16 rooms in total to suit their gaming preferences – whether that’s 90-ball or 75-ball bingo, for example. A minimum £5 deposit is all that’s required to start playing.

The larger jackpots are available near the end of the week; a £600 prize is up for grabs in the Dreamy Monday room, shortly followed by a £500 Wacky Wednesday jackpot, while can also win a whopping £1,000 jackpot in the Wishful Thursday room.

Smartwatch betting in high demand

We are now in the era of smartwatch gambling sites, which allow players to connect to online casinos right from their smartwatches. Compact and easy to carry, while being equipped with high-quality touch screens and fast and powerful processors, modern smartwatches are ideal for playing casino from your wrist on the go.

Microgaming, famously known as the father of online gambling, is the first ever software company to successfully launch a series of smartwatch-compatible games.

Thunderstruck, for example, has long been popular with slot players, while Dark Knight Rises was also launched as the smartwatch-compatible version of their much-loved slot machine game.

Additionally, gaming software companies, including Playtech, along with major betting sites like Ladbrokes and Unibet, are also developing betting apps for smartwatches, like Apple Watches.

The exciting world of online gambling is continually evolving. Live dealer games, online bingo, and smartwatch betting are some of the latest trends players can start making the most out of.

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