A New Way to Address Safety Hazards In the Workplace

Anyone working in the construction industry knows how dangerous the environment can be. A job in construction usually includes repeated lifting, moving, and manipulating heavy objects in unstructured environments. A recent report states that over half of the 25 most deadly jobs in America are found in the construction industry.

Incidents on the worksite can also lead to costly delays. When construction projects begin to fall behind on goals, expenses can add up quickly.

Way to Address Safety Hazards In the Workplace

However, the robotics industry has been creating new equipment that may help minimize construction site injuries. One example is the Guardian XO full-body powered exoskeleton from Sarcos Robotics.

With the Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton, workers can move naturally, making it possible to use traditional motions to lift and move heavy objects around a worksite. The exoskeleton helps increase worker productivity while protecting the operator from stress and strain.

A User-Friendly Solution

The Guardian XO full-body powered exoskeleton was designed and built around the human body. When a worker puts on the exoskeleton, they can move and operate the robot as if it were a natural extension of their body.

Because the Guardian XO exoskeleton follows the operator’s movements, using the robot can become second nature. The operator is empowered with the strength of a robot alongside their human judgment and decision-making.

The powered exoskeleton utilizes innovative sensors and software, helping the operator increase their productivity above what they would be able to achieve independently. Workers can lift and manipulate up to 200 pounds (90 kg) of material on their own.

Under normal circumstances, heavy lifting can cause injury and excess wear on a worker’s body over the long term. With tools like the Guardian XO exoskeleton, worker injury can be minimized, and productivity can increase.

Revolutionizing Construction Sites

In the construction industry, installing, transporting, and dismantling formwork can benefit with the assistance of the Guardian XO full-body exoskeleton. By increasing an individual worker’s productivity, others are freed up for different tasks.

The Guardian XO robot can lift an extraordinary amount of weight and hold and manipulate heavy items in place.

The powered exoskeleton arms can lock a held object in place, leaving free hands to weld, drill, or otherwise fasten components into place. Best of all, exoskeleton users can perform work in spaces that may be too small for cranes or forklifts, giving construction sites with exoskeletons a superior advantage.

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