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The Legal Steps to Take After A Rideshare Accident

The rideshare industry has exploded in recent years. Unfortunately, more cars on the roads mean more accidents. It’s just a statistical fact. Auto accidents can have devastating consequences that alter the course of your life. When you’re the victim of an auto accident that you did not cause, you have a skilled attorney to represent your interests.

When that accident involves a rideshare, you should also partner with an experienced rideshare accident lawyer who understands these cases. Rideshare accidents can quickly become incredibly complex.

Legal Steps to Take After A Rideshare Accident

Rideshare drivers are not classified as employees but are instead classified as independent contractors. This reduces the liability of the rideshare company itself. Each rideshare driver must also carry their own auto insurance. The rideshare companies also carry some type of general umbrella policy that should cover any financial responsibility not met by the driver’s insurance policy.

Rideshare companies classify themselves as technology companies rather than transportation companies, making accessing their insurance benefits incredibly difficult. This makes partnering with an experienced rideshare accident lawyer even more crucial. Here’s what to do after a rideshare accident.

Call Emergency Personnel

Calling emergency personnel to report the accident is always the first step. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, it’s important to report the accident and get everyone’s medical attention. If emergency personnel want to take you to the hospital, don’t refuse. Getting proper medical care is critical. Your body may be in shock, and it can take a day or two for the symptoms to manifest.

Document the Scene

Everyone has a cell phone these days, so use it to your advantage. Try to photograph or video record as much of the scene as possible. A picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of the scene can help your case tremendously. Of course, if your injuries are severe, then this may not be possible. Getting the proper medical attention is the most important thing after a rideshare accident.

Record the Driver’s Information Along with Witnesses

If you’re able, get a record of the rideshare driver’s contact and insurance information. If there were witnesses to the rideshare accident, then get their information as well. Your rideshare accident lawyer will need to contact them in the future to ask about what they witnessed.

Give Your Statement to the Responding Officer

A police officer will likely be dispatched to the scene with emergency personnel. This is protocol in Arizona and most other states. If you aren’t injured and don’t need to go to the hospital, then remain on the scene until the responding officer takes your statement. Tell them exactly what happened without offering additional information, and find out how to get a copy of the accident report.

Call a Great Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Next, you’ll want to call a great rideshare accident lawyer to represent your interests. A skilled rideshare accident lawyer understands the intricacies of these complex cases. Damage recovery in rideshare accidents can be extremely difficult, and they require the skill of a knowledgeable rideshare accident lawyer who can navigate the legal system.

They understand how to fight for your right to legal compensation and how to represent your interests as a victim in an accident with a rideshare driver. Auto accidents can be traumatic and difficult to recover from. If you’ve suffered an accident with a rideshare driver, call a rideshare accident lawyer today.

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