All About The Features of WordPress 3.6

WordPress is an open source walking a blog CMS that was introduced to help people set up simple to make use of yet powerful blogs & sites. WordPress development has not only helped businesses but also individuals who require share their views & thoughts with different people. One of the best features that WordPress has is its flexibility to personalize its core functions with plugins to make customization to WordPress blog is simple, making each WordPress weblog differs from another.

What is WordPress 3.6?

WordPress near about to the final stage of the release version 3.6, and the release candidate, featuring twenty thirteen theme, post locking, Audio and video, Auto save and an updated revisions tool, is now ready for testing.

New features in WordPress 3.6:

Post Formats:

The Post Formats feature provides more flexibility to WordPress users, it has standardized list of formats that are available to all themes that support the feature. However for better structure, they now have their own custom Meta fields such as:

  1. Image Post Format
  2. Link post Format
  3. Video & Audio Post Format
  4. Quote

Auto save:

There are some major improvements in the Auto saving of the posts in WordPress 3.6. If something crashes or you accidentally navigate away from what you writing will be able to restore what you had written.

Post Locking:

WordPress has always had great support for multiple author blogs. Instead promoting authors “Take Over” option allows us to take control of the post and lock out the other user from the post editing screen.

Audio and video:

Audio & Video support has so far not been one of the strong points in WordPress. A user just uploads an audio or video file using the media uploaded and WordPress will automatically turn those files into something your visitors will be able to play back, Plugin free.

Twenty thirteen:

Twenty Thirteen will have great support for post formats. Very different from its predecessors, it is quite colorful and has a personality of its own.

Why WordPress better than blogger?

why WP

WordPress keep updating and releasing new version to become more user friendly, which comes with some added features and functionality, whereas on Blogger, there’s only a few updates which happ
ens over the time. The way WordPress is structured; site owners can make their sites more Search engine friendly compared to Blogger. WordPress is lucky with features like Plugin as well as a powerful community to get support. Blogspot offers plenty of templates but due to commercial nature of WordPress, you will find limitless free and Premium WordPress themes.


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