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Use WP Automatic plugin, if you want to keep yourself active on social media and if you want to keep your social media presence high, then. This plugin will help to automatically post your content on your site from Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites having 2.4 billion users worldwide. You can connect, communicate, and share images, posts, text content, or videos with people simultaneously.

Post Content From Facebook - WP Automatic

The rising popularity of Facebook

  1. User-friendly in natureFacebook is the simplest website to use. Even a young 14-year-old can quickly understand all of its functions. By using just one mouse click, one can text, comment, and like or share other people’s postings.
  2. Better interface– The layout and design of Facebook are also quite appealing, providing the user with a more advanced working environment. One can quickly locate friends, follow famous people, communicate, and chat with friends online.
  3. Source of information– It is also a vast informational resource. Where users can read news stories and posts about all the events taken on across the globe. They can also express their viewpoint on a subject and start a conversation with others about it.
  4. Entertainment– The website is now an entertainment provider. Because it enables users to play games, access engaging applications, and watch videos. In addition to this, one can join a group. You can also strike up a conversation with a total stranger, and meet a new one. As a result, it kills boredom.
  5. Regular upgradation– Since its introduction, the website has added several new features to make it more useful for users, which has allowed it to win respect and admiration from users all over the world.

What is WP Automatic?

WP Automatic is one of the strongly recommended auto blogging plugin. This plugin can import content from any website to your WordPress site automatically.

With WP automatic plugin, you can post your content from anywhere automatically. Post your content in different formats like images, text, or video with this plugin. And also you can post the content formats from different websites to your website and this will be based according to your selection.

Why use WP Automatic for posting content on Facebook?

You understand how time-consuming it can be to develop material and then share it on several platforms if you run a website and other social media profiles. Thankfully, there are several internet resources at your disposal to make your task easier.

You will save time and effort if posts you publish automatically because you won’t need to manually manage each social media account. It is now easy to monitor, and post simultaneously on all social network platforms utilizing a single WordPress dashboard due to the WordPress Automatic plugin.

Sharing your WordPress blog article to Facebook automatically increases website visibility and brings in more visitors.

One of the most well-known social media websites on the internet, Facebook has billions of users worldwide. Consequently, you may advertise your website’s content on Facebook and attract a larger audience for free.

Additionally, by doing this, you provide content for your social media platforms and keep your user base updated on news, specials, and other developments.

Why use WP Automatic for importing content from Facebook?

WordPress Automatic Plugin enables you to tweak your postings and cater them to your particular page or profile when integrating your blog with Facebook.

With the help of this plugin, you can import all of your content including images, videos, and text posts from Facebook to your WordPress website.

Follow these simple steps to know how to import content from Facebook.

  • The first step is to open up the dashboard of the WP Automatic Plugin.
  • After that, we need to go to the settings option.
  • Within the setting option, there is an option for the Developer Setting Option.
  • Within the developer setting on the browser, we need to choose the Facebook URL option.
  • Then you will find a set of values and all types of options that are available in the list.
  • After selecting the values the user must click on the new campaign option.
  • After the selection of the new campaign option.
  • Then you will get many options below which you can choose according to your requirement.
  • After the selection, customize your post timing and schedule it according to your post time requirements.
  • After the selection and processing of the entire content, you are now advised to click on the publish button.
  • The created content will display on the top.
  • Then we need to select the run option to process the campaign.
  • After that select, the URL of the post, and the work is done.
  • Then check the content with the original source whether it is published correctly or not

Features for using WP Automatic for Facebook

  • Import and publish content from Facebook: With WP Automatic plugin importing and posting content from Facebook has now become very easy and simple. You will only need to set the campaign and then you will be able to post images, videos, and texts automatically on your website.
  • Filter imported content on different properties: Using WP Automatic plugin, you can post content from a specific page or a specific group. If any new post or content or an image or video is updated on the specific groups or pages, then those new posts will be automatically updated on your WordPress website.
  • Skip no title posts and videos on demand: You can set the control of the plugins in such a manner that you can now skip a post in a video format or a post that has no title.

Everything can be auto-posted to your feed from all social media using WP Automatic Plugin. One can even translate the caption of the Facebook post and incorporate content from many other sources. With this WP Automatic plugin, you can easily automate article publication for free.

WP Automatic allows you to post automatically from Facebook to WordPress. And allows you to import content from pages, profiles, and open or closed groups. You can also track and import any fresh posts or updates with many options. That includes filtering by category, date, time, and other factors.

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