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3 Fortastic Benefits of Upgrading to A Modular UPS System

If one unit in your modular UPS system fails, your entire system won’t be out of commission. You’ll just have one less working unit on the line. This can happen with standard UPS systems, too, but chances are it will happen more often with them because standard UPS systems don’t have as many units as modular UPS systems do.

Uninterruptible power supplies are systems designed to provide power to your electronics or computer equipment even if the primary power source fails.

Advantages Of A Modular UPS System

Benefits of Modular UPS Systems

A UPS system not only keeps your equipment running when there’s a power outage, but it also allows you to shut down your computer in an orderly fashion rather than in the panic of an unexpected event.

If you need help deciding whether upgrading to a modular UPS system makes sense for your business, check out these three fantastic benefits of buying modular ups systems in Australia.

Improved Reliability

When it comes to power protection, it’s easy to understand that there are two different types: Standby and Uninterruptible.

The power systems we have traditionally relied on (traditional home or business uninterruptible power supplies) are known as standby units, while the most advanced type we currently offer is a modular Uninterruptible Power Supply, or M-UPS system. In this blog post, I’m going to discuss the three top benefits of upgrading your existing standby unit to an M-UPS system.

  • Ability for the battery module in the UPS system to be replaced without any outage.
  • A modular plug and play design that can support additional components.
  • Reduced weight for easy relocation and handling by anyone in your company.

Easy Installation

One key benefit of switching over to modular UPS power is that they are designed with easy installation in mind. Plus, they can save your business money in the long run because modular technology is typically less expensive than legacy systems.

You also don’t have to spend hours or days searching for installation or maintenance professionals who know how to work on these types of systems. For businesses like restaurants that need constant power while their location is closed, an upgrade can mean the difference between turning off everything and going dark versus business as usual.

When it comes time for new construction or renovations, many builders include pre-wired circuits ready for modular units by default which means installation will be quicker and more affordable.

Cost Savings Over Time

If you have older and more traditional-style batteries (think lead acid or nickel-cadmium), you might be paying too much money for your power protection. That’s because, for the same size battery and similar number of loads, your average cost per KWH is much higher with traditional-style batteries than it is with modular units.

In addition, modular units allow for easier installation and configuration that does not require an expensive construction project or the need to decommission sensitive equipment during installation.

Finally, modular units will last longer than traditional batteries so you can avoid some maintenance hassles and costs that occur from this type of situation over time.

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