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This Is How to Avoid the BLD Resume Scam

Unemployed people are highly vulnerable, and so, they can become the victims of various scams related to employment, jobs, income, and wealth. Many such scams have been reported to take place in different parts of the world. One of these scams is a well-known BLD Resume Scam.

For those who are not aware of this resume scam, let us give you a little background or back story. ‘BLD Resume’ is a business entity owned by ‘Bold LLC’. Along with BLD Resume, the corporate head also owns two other companies known as ‘Resume Now’ and ‘Live Career’. We are sure you might have gotten confused after reading all these names.

How to Avoid the BLD Resume Scam

So, it must be simple for you to understand how easy it is for the parent company to deceive job seekers by taking advantage of this confusion. The way by which this whole group of companies traps innocent people is actually pretty straightforward.

But the whole scam and process get complicated in the next few steps. Hence, it becomes difficult for the people to realize that they have become victims of the trap.

Even if they get hints and suspect that something is wrong, it takes a lot of time to discover the truth behind it. By the time they get a full understanding of the whole scam and how they got lured into it, getting out of it seems too difficult.

However, we have conducted a significant amount of research and read multiple case studies to go deep into this issue. The reason why we did so is that we want to provide people with solutions about how to avoid this scam. We have explained the BLD resume scam further and tips on avoiding it in this blog post. Please continue reading to find out.

What Exactly is BLD Resume Scam?

As the name suggests, the BLD Resume Scam involves scamming job aspirants and other individuals who want to create their resumes. The victims start by registering on the portal to build a customized resume and download the same.

This portal is none other than Live Career, which allows people to build their resumes free of cost. They highlight the fact that creating a resume on their platform is completely free of charge. It encourages people to choose the Live Career website for making their resumes.

Once they finish making their resume and proceed to download it, they get a notification that they have to pay $1.45 (US Dollars 1.45) for completing their action.

As this seems like a nominal cost, people don’t think before agreeing to the same. While signing the agreement to make the payment for downloading their resume, most people don’t read the terms and conditions properly.

Thus, they end up getting scammed. You might be able to identify with this situation. Many times, when you try to download any software, document, report, or anything else, you have to tick mark virtually at the end of the terms and agreement document.

This document is usually so huge and includes so much technical jargon that reading it completely becomes an immensely time-consuming activity.

So, people just agree to the terms and conditions without even reading them. Misusing this practice, Live Career, Resume Now, and BLD Resume (the companies owned by Bold LLC) have made their users a victim of their fraudulent activities.

One of the terms and conditions stated while downloading the resume from the Live Career website is that users have to pay $24.95 every month for creating more resumes.

How to Avoid the BLD Resume Scam?

Bold LCC has employed smart tactics to avoid getting caught. When users have to create and download a resume, they use the Live Career website. But when the charges are levied by the company, the name displayed in the credit card statement is BLD Resume.

Thus, when customers check their credit card statements, they find it tough to answer questions, like ‘who is BLD Resume?’ and ‘why is BLD Resume charging fees?’. This becomes even worse in scenarios where the credit card used while paying $1.45 for downloading the resume belongs to the parent or guardian of the user.

When customers or their acquaintances try to resolve the situation with the company, they have to communicate with the customer care executives of Resume Now, which presents itself as the sister company of Live Career. As different names are used for different purposes, no clear or visible signs of a scam are present.

Therefore, it might seem that staying away from the BLD Resume scam is as difficult and tricky as achieving success for holiday inn timeshare cancellation. While canceling the holiday inn vacation ownership bought on a timeshare basis, people face a lot of troubles.

But in order to ensure that this does not happen in the case of people who browse the Internet or register on a website for creating a free resume, a few points should be taken into consideration. You should read the terms and document carefully before making a tick mark or signing virtually. If you can’t read it whole, at least try to scan it for currency symbols, numeric characters, and related words that hint towards any payment to be made in the future.

The above tip becomes even more important when you teach your high school or college-going children about it. If your children use your credit card for making small offline and online purchases, educate them on how to use it wisely. The next tip is equally useful for people of all age groups.

Whenever you notice that some product or service is being offered for free, you must inquire properly before signing up for the same. In most cases, there are hidden agendas involved.


In today’s time, where unemployment is one of the biggest concerns faced by most countries, scams like BLD Resume are bound to take place. Predators are always trying to get benefitted from the problems of others. So, you must stay vigilant at all times.

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