How To Win Big In The 2022 Kentucky Derby

The “Run For The Roses” is about to kick-off about three weeks from now. The race tracks down in 700 Central Avenue in Churchill Downs, Kentucky is now set and ready. Like last year, the Kentucky Derby is expected to be attended by an estimated 150,000 crowd.

How To Win Big In 2019 Kentucky Derby


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Truly, this is one of the most prestigious and grandest kick-off the U.S Triple Crown Series which is then followed by Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes.

Furthermore, the 2022 Kentucky Derby will also be attended by almost 30 horse racers who are under the Grade 1 Stakes category. Entries of this horse racing show are three-year-old thoroughbred races.

Aside from the fact that this year’s Kentucky deems to have the most entertaining racing showdown, the event is also expected to be attended by the strongest horse racers compared to Kentucky’s previous seasons.

That said, horse racing fans are not only looking for the best horse racers to run Kentucky, but the main reason why they are attending this event is because of the betting they can join.

Prizes at stake in the Kentucky betting game are big; thus, a lot of fans would like to wage. So, while you are on the process of finalizing your Kentucky bets, let’s discuss some helpful items on how you can win big as soon as you bet for the 2019 Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Betting: Picking Your Winner

In sports betting, the process for oddsmaker to set the statistics of winning of each entry is by maintaining and setting a line that refers directly to the betting actions.

That means that the more hyped the entry looks like and the more it earns positive reviews, they might have the chance to win based on the sports analyst’s views and opinions at the same time if they are crowd favorites.

In a horse racing show like Kentucky Derby 2022, the process for picking your winner would be easier. Unlike for other sports where betting categories come only in two to three categories, the horse racing game looks different.

Most of the time as the racing game draws near, you will see the oddsmaker will place the value of each entry in reference to the number of bets it gets, but unlike other sports, the most favorite horse entry to win the racing showdown would most likely to be seen as not a finisher at all.

So, in picking your Kentucky Derby Winner, you need to make sure that you know your horse entry well. Study them carefully, refer to their previous forms, and know who trained them well. In this case, you will be able to ensure the capability of your horse racer to win.

Exacta – A Solid Value Bet For The 2022 Kentucky Derby

An exacta bet is one category you can bet in the Kentucky Derby. This betting process lets you predict the first two horses to win first or second place in the exact order.

Actually, compared to other types of betting, it deems to be the most favorite among expert bettors, but if you are a newbie you might want to try the simpler betting category first as this might entail a hard job for you to do.

The main reason why exacta is the best value to bet to earn big this year’s Kentucky season simply because this edition of the said racing show is attended by a lot of strongest contenders which are really fast in running and picking your first and second finisher would be easy.

Bet Wisely For Trifecta And Superfecta

Even harder than exacta, trifecta lets you predict a horse racer to win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the right order. Also, superfecta lets you predict the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th placer in the exact order.

In some cases, a lot of experts bettors tries to wage for this type of betting category because they pay the highest price but the chance of winning in this category is too small. Even if you know all the entries joining and each horse’s capability of running, still predicting the entries that should place in the right order is easy.

Thus, if you would like to bet for this category because the price is enticing, you need to think twice this year as there are a lot of fast running horses and that you might predict which will be your winner but you will never know who’s going to make it to the finish line.

2019 Kentucky Derby - Event


Picking The Right Tactic For The 2022 Kentucky Derby

In order to win this year, the best betting you can do given the sea of tight competition among horse racers is to go a single bet or do the exacta.

In this way, you will be able to limit your bets and only wage the amount you would like so as not to compromise your bank account. Lastly, always make sure that you do your research first of the horse racer you would like to bet before you wage for them.

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