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Jasmine Okafor Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Husband & More

Jasmine Okafor is a popular TikTok influencer who is the daughter of Mr. Ibu, who is a famous Nigerian Nollywood actor. Chioma Okafor is a famous actress and one of the best contenders in the film industry in Nigeria. She has played an important role in many films, including films like Super Story, and other stage plays like Nollywood Scoundrels and Here’s the Word Pidgin.

Jasmine Okafor Biography, Wiki, Career, Age, Husband & More

Jasmine Okafor

Jasmine Okafor or Chioma Okafor declared the end of her marriage which lasted for 9 months. She married Mr. Okafor but later on, she accused him of cheating her during the relationship. She is the daughter of a popular Nollywood actor and leveraged social media to announce her marriage to a man who didn’t reveal that he had three children. Then she declared that she wasted her nine months of spending time with such a man.

Chioma Okafor – Early Life and Education

Chioma Okafor, an actress from Anambra State, is a thrill to see on television thanks to her captivating roles. The stunning actress was born on November 10 and is a resident of Anambra State’s Idemili-South local government area.

Chioma Okafor obtained a Business Administration degree from the esteemed Nnamdi Azikwe University in Awka, Anambra State.

Chioma Okafor was born and reared with her siblings in the Idemili-South local government area of Anambra State.

Before moving on to a higher education school, she completed her primary and secondary education in Anambra State.

Okafor was admitted to the elite Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra State, where she earned a degree in business administration.

Her career

Chioma Okafor began performing while still in school and has developed into one of Nollywood’s top actresses.

She appeared in several films and played a significant part in the television series Super Story.

She has been in a number of films and has been named the finest fast-rising actress. She also has major roles in well-known TV shows.

She has collaborated with notable Nollywood actors including Eddie Watson, Mercy Isime, Uche Nwafuena, Uzor Arukwe, and others.


Jasmine Okafor has declared that her nine-month marriage is coming to an end.

Jasmine, who later wed Mr. Okafor, claimed that her first husband had coerced her into an unfaithful relationship.

In her statement shared on social media, the daughter of the Nollywood star claimed that he married a man who initially claimed to have no children but subsequently discovered she had three children.

According to Jasmine, “These nine months have been the finest of my life! I have absolutely no regrets at all! I simply won’t accept a lie, ever!

I remember questioning you about this several times before we began, and I’m a forgiving person. Your mother’s revelation today really shattered me.

A foundation that is constructed on a small falsehood won’t hold up! I cherish your devotion to me. Hate, though, how you never mentioned your kids or your divorce to me!


Jasmine Okafor, a well-known TikTok influencer, is the daughter of Mr. Ibu, a well-known Nigerian Nollywood actor, John Okafor. Chioma Okafor, a well-known actress, is regarded as one of the leading contenders in the Nigerian film business.

She has been in a number of movies, such as Super Story, and has also displayed his acting skills in stage productions like Nollywood Scoundrels and Here’s the Word Pidgin.

Recently, Jasmine Okafor declared the end of their nine-month union. She and Mr. Okafor got married, but she later claimed that her ex-husband had cheated on her.

The daughter of a well-known Nollywood star announced on social media that she had wed a man who claimed to have never had children.

Age of Jasmine Okafor

Although Chioma Okafor is thought to have been born on November 10, his year of birth is currently unknown. As a result, it is now impossible to estimate his actual age. However, our sources are actively looking for this information, and once we find it, we will update our records accordingly.

Jasmine Okafor’s Net Worth

Currently, there is no information online on Jasmine Okafor’s net worth, but our sources are working to obtain it. When we do, we will update this post.

Was she engaged with Ken Eric?

Later on, she thanked Ken Erics for coming into her life and reviving her love life. She announced her engagement to this Nollywood actor in 2023, May. She has still not revealed any details about any kids. It seems Ken Erics has proposed his love to Jasmine, the daughter of John Okafor, who is also called Mr. Ibu. She shared a video on her Instagram account where Ken Erics was seen to have gone down on his knees while proposing to her. This had gone viral on social media.

Mr. Ibu – Jasmine’s Father

Mr. Ibu is a renowned comic actor in the Nollywood film industry for the past 2 decades. He has been a part of several movies and has won awards for his comedy roles. Just like him, his daughter also started following in his footsteps.

Some interesting facts about Jasmine Okafor

Once she was married but her marriage came to an end after 9 months. She took to social media to announce the end of her marriage

She got engaged recently to Ken Erics, a Nigerian actor. She also shared a proposal video on her Instagram page

Jasmine is a famous TikTok influencer and she brags a large following

As per her Instagram post, she has had a taste of love in her life and she thinks it is sweet

Mr. Ibu adopted Jasmine

She has a sibling named Chelsea Okafor who looks similar to Mr. Ibu

In May 2023, she will get married to the Nigerian film star, Ken Erics.

The ex-husband of Jasmine was accused of lying and this was the reason behind the end of their marriage


Jasmine Okafor is a talented digital content creator who has lately gained enough popularity on social media. She is the adopted daughter of Mr. Ibu. She has recently got engaged to Ken Erics and has plans to marry in May 2023. Not much is known about her personal life and education, she has already made a name for herself.

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