Major Types of Cruise You Can Gift Your Loved Ones As An Experience

Are you planning to gift your loved one a cruise experience? If yes, you need to understand the different cruise types available to pick from. Not all cruise experiences are designed the same. That means some will suit a certain type of tourists or individuals better than others.

From expedition cruise and adventure cruise to luxury cruise and brunch cruise NYC, this article will explain the different types of cruise experiences you can gift your loved ones. Ready to unearth more? Keep reading.

Different Type Of Cruises You Must Experience

Expedition Cruise

If your loved one isn’t the type of traveler who loves to relax while on a voyage, an expedition cruise should be the perfect experience gift. An expedition voyage seems to be smaller than ocean liners. Due to their size, they can access more far-flung places.

These boats have shallower drafts than their regular counterparts, meaning they can effortlessly access shallow harbors and smaller inlets. Expedition cruises offer the opportunity to engage in many activities, including scuba diving and trekking across the top of glaciers.

Expedition cruise groups are usually small and more intimate. An expert guide is usually available, and the gift recipient will come back having some great experiences making lifelong memories.

Luxury Cruise

A luxury cruise is simply a subtype of several other voyages. For instance, you can gift a luxury yacht trip, a luxury river cruise, or a luxury ocean cruise. In general, a luxury cruise tends to offer a state-of-the-art service quality, including:

  • Private dining rooms.
  • Strict dress codes.
  • Opulent décor.
  • World-class chefs.
  • Butlers.
  • Gourmet restaurants and more.

As they’re luxurious, you should expect them to be pricey compared to other types. Luxury cruises access some breathtaking locations in style and true comfort. Luxury cruise experiences are perfect for family or couple holidays.

Brunch Cruise

Brunch is a naturally social meal. It offers a perfect way to make any cruise holiday distinct. As a result, it can be one of the best gift experiences you can give your loved one. Brunch cruises are available in different types, including:

  • Brunch on a glass boat.
  • A river brunch cruise.
  • An ocean brunch cruise.

Your gift receiver will have to enjoy a brunch buffet featuring either locally or internationally sourced-breakfast items prepared on board. Other things that a brunch cruise can offer are live music, mimosas, champagne, and ever-changing narration and views of the sights on the outer decks.

Adventure Cruise

An adventure cruise shares some similarities with an expedition cruise. The only major difference is that adventure cruises involve physical activities. With an adventure cruise, your gift recipient will enjoy numerous off-vessel activities, including:

If you want to gift your loved one a cruise experience, these are some of the best options available. Pick a cruise experience gift based on the type of recipient, your budget, and the occasion.

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