3 Ways That SEO Has Changed How Businesses Market Themselves Online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of increasing a website’s online visibility. This visibility mostly applies when it comes to the results page of a particular search. The increase in visibility occurs organically after the marketer applies a set of online marketing techniques.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Businesses benefit when they become more visible than they were. For example, they will rank highly on Google. That means an increased number of people will see the link to their website on a search results page.

They will click on this link when they see it. Remember, 75% of the clicks by online users go to the links on the first page of a search result. To give you better clarity on SEO, here are 3 ways that SEO has changed how businesses market themselves online.

1] Adopting a Customized Marketing Approach

Traditionally, a business marketed itself by carving an image that reflected the findings of a market study. Companies commissioned these studies so that they could understand where their clients are and how they can reach them. Today, a business markets itself based on research that it obtains online.

For example, companies rely on keyword research when it comes to marketing themselves. This research helps them discover the words that people use to find their products online or products that are similar to theirs. Consequently, contemporary businesses design customized marketing campaigns that revolve around these keywords.

Doing so ensures that their clients can find them online. These customized campaigns reduce the business’ reliance on market studies to find and reach potential customers. Consequently, their marketing costs will reduce as well.

2] Changing Marketing Styles Instantaneously 

Changes in marketing took days or months to complete before SEO techniques changed everything. This change started in the early 2000s, but its far-reaching impact began in the early 2010s. For example, companies relied heavily on sales figures, market surveys, and industry-based research by independent bodies.

They initiated changes after receiving these reports. Usually, they got them after a month or more. Consequently, changes would take a bit of time before they had an impact on the companies’ current and potential customers. SEO changed the speed of marketing forever.

Nowadays, companies receive reports on market trends instantaneously. For example, knowing the region responsible for a spike in online traffic is possible. An immediate change to the company’s SEO approach to reflect this knowledge is another possibility.

3] Content’s Influence on Marketing Campaigns

Traditionally, advertisements and other marketing strategies focused on the uses of a product. They highlighted its benefits as compared to using other products. That means that they marketed themselves based on the inherent qualities of the product that they were selling.

Content’s Influence on Marketing Campaigns

Things changed drastically after SEO became the dominant force in global marketing. Nowadays, companies focus on writing content that draws users to their websites. This content focuses on issues related to the product as opposed to focusing on the product itself.

For example, websites for toothpaste manufacturers have informative articles on dental care and treatments. These articles relate to the use of toothpaste, but they revolve around the product itself. However, they mention what the manufacturer produces and they do so positively.

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