How to Grow Your Traffic Using SEO In 2019

Growing your traffic using search engine optimization (SEO) is a well-established strategy. With increasing amounts of targeted traffic reaching your website, the chances of making more sales or generating higher advertising revenues only increase.

SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

Grow Your Traffic Using SEO

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Here are a few ways to improve your traffic using SEO this year.

1) Hiring an Expert

You can do it all yourself or hire an SEO consultant who keeps up with all the ins and outs of the SEO world on behalf of their clients. SEO companies in Los Angeles are on the cutting-edge of what’s happening with Google and other search engines, understanding what’s most important and how to rank well.

Monitoring the latest updates to the Google search algorithm provides insights into why some sites are fairing better in the search rankings for different keywords whereas other sites aren’t achieving the same results.

The thing to bear in mind with hiring an SEO expert is that it’s their full-time job. They’re focused on what will help their clients rank better to drive more traffic to their sites. You’re focused on running your business, which usually has nothing to do with their field. Outsourcing your SEO means you can stay focused on your core operations without distraction.

2) Guest Posting

When you want to go it alone or augment what an SEO team is already doing for you, you can seek out guest posts within your industry. The idea here is to write (or have written for you) some articles that can be published on the blogs of websites in your industry. It depends on your industry whether there are companies that you have good relationships with that are willing to play ball.

The advantage of using guest posting is that when done effectively on high-quality websites, the links help to elevate your web site’s ranking for different keywords. It also tells the search engines that respected competitors are willing to link out to you, which makes your star shine just a little brighter too.

Guest Blogging in SEO

Also, readers of blog posts on the industry site may click across to view your site which also drives up traffic numbers and presents a fresh opportunity to sell something to them or have them subscribe to your newsletter.

3) Content & Infographic Marketing

With content marketing, you publish a blog with articles that are relevant to your customers and potential customers. You’re talking to your core audience here and not industry insiders. Including an infographic in your article makes it easier for readers to visually process data that backs up your key points.

Publishing infographics is useful because not only does it jazz up your content but it’s a useful marketing tool in its own right. Industry sites can be emailed to offer them the use of the infographic once they agree to link back to your article. Many will say yes if the infographic is well-presented and genuinely useful.

If you can find an appropriate article on their site that’s ideal for infographic inclusion, point this out in the email approach. It makes their decision even easier.

Growing a web site’s traffic is a gradual thing. It happens over time and is somewhat unpredictable. Yet once it takes off, the progress tends to be steady when viewed over a few months at a time. When building traffic, patience is a virtue.

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