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Session Replay Is a Powerful Tool In Identifying Potential Issues On Your Website

If you are just starting out in the online world of business, or are just getting your business onto the world wide web, expanding your customer base from strictly word of mouth traffic, the right tools will make all the difference between failure and success.

Tools like session replay can take your website from one fraught with customer frustrations to a successful and necessary business addition.

Session Replay

The right software and resources can ensure that your clients aren’t just using your site for research and leaving to purchase somewhere else, and can ensure that your customer journey is effective and successful, from first click to final purchase.

How the right program can boost conversions

You have what you think is a fantastic website: it is sleek, professional, showcases your product, has excellent product reviews, and looks easy to navigate, but for some reason, you just aren’t getting the conversions you had hoped for.

You know your product is good, you have all the reviews to prove it, so what is going wrong? Why are customers coming to your website, but abandoning their carts more often than not? Session replay can help answer these questions and more.

What is it though? It is a software program that can allow owners and businesses to record each user experience from start to finish and then play it back allowing you to see just what your customer is experiencing on your website, where they may have run into issues, what is working and what isn’t working.

This can be vital in identifying places on your site that are performing less than optimally. This information can be utilized by your customer service support team as well for customer service calls that may come in.

How exactly can the right software make a difference?

When you know exactly where you are losing customers, and where they seem to be struggling with your website, it can make it easier to troubleshoot just what is going wrong, and thus make it easier to fix.

Session replay allows your team to do just that, narrow down on where the problem is and focus on fixing it, saving you both time, money and, more importantly, lost business. When you eliminate technical difficulties from your website, your customers are more likely to finish their purchase, and recommend your site to others.

This will also allow you to create and fine tune your sales funnel, which will assist in directing your clients through your site from start to finish.

When your customer service representatives are able to go through your customer’s user experience, it will help them identify exactly what went wrong and will help them better understand just what your customer’s frustration is. This will help cut down on service call time, ensuring that your customer’s have a positive experience.

When you are better able to understand your customer’s user experience and are able to ensure a smooth purchasing process, you will see your sales conversion increase. Session replay is one of the first steps needed to understand your customer’s experience on your website.

This powerful tool will give you access to unlimited amounts of data that can then be fed into data analysis software to narrow down places for improvement, show what is successfully working, and offer your customer service teams valuable information related to the customer that they are assisting.

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