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Five Simple Steps to Build a Website for Your Vacation Rental Business

The major tool that is used for marketing your vacation rental business is a “website” that shows it off at its best. If you are interested in creating such website, then Vacation Rental Website by Lodgify is there to provide you with everything you need to create a vacation rental website and manage all your bookings!

Build a Website for Your Vacation Home Rental Business

The following tips are handy to come up with a pretty wholesome website. By following these tips, you can build a feature-rich, customer-friendly and search engine friendly website as these three are the key crowd pulling factors for vacation rental business!

Choose a website platform and a design theme

It is quite probable that your website provider will offer a drag-and-drop website builder. Many providers offer a WordPress plugin so you can use WordPress.

The fact is there are fashions in everything, and websites also have this!

WordPress is easy to use, that is why many people are choosing that platform to create their website on their own. Choose an exciting design theme suitable for your website.

1) Simple Search System

In fact, every traveler’s journey starts with the search, and they need it to be utterly simple. A simple step for creating vacation rental site is your search system has got to be the most intelligent and easy-to-use portion even before checkout.

Location, time, date are the critical areas based on which a user searches for a place to stay. Calendar, automatic location suggestion, Google Maps integration, can help in being more specific in the search.

2) Provide booking convenience, recurring plans, and special fee rates

The next sequential step to build a website for your vacation rental business is to provide the booking flexibilities. Just try to find out the booking options you are comfortable with providing and align them with the requirements of the travelers.

The fact is hour based and day based bookings are a must. But weekly and monthly bookings can be optional. Provide a convenient recurring payment system that simply allows people to pay quickly for subscription plans. It will improve their booking as well as payment convenience significantly.

3) User Interface Design

The design of a website for vacation rental business has to be sensible and minimal keeping things straightforward. Moreover, it should be simple for users to come and start using. Try to build a vacation rental website that is easy to navigate, projects the best places to stay on the home page right away along with a search bar!

The other thing you can do is to stop your homepage design leaving all the duties to be taken care of your search box itself. You can also go for having tiles of country based locations or best properties you have to offer. Moreover, the inner pages of vacation rental website should be having breadcrumb navigations, convenient gallery view option as well as a compelling addition to cart option.

Vacation Rental Business

4) Other necessary options:

  • A single-page checkout experience.
  • Some related property suggestions.
  • A simple review and rating system for users.
  • Provide multiple languages, currencies and payment gateway support.
  • All above steps help to build vacation rental website.
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